In recent news, Julie Chin, an Oklahoma news anchor, suffered a stroke on live TV. The anchor who works for the NBC affiliate KJRH in Tulsa was transported to the hospital after she found difficulty reading the teleprompter in front of her. Julie herself revealed that she suffered at the beginning of a stroke live on air. Now, both the news and the anchor have become a hot topic of discussion on the internet. Everyone seems to be talking about it and is sharing their respective opinion about the same.

Julie Chin

Taking to Facebook, Julie Chin shared a post in which she wrote that the past few days are still a little bit of a mystery but her doctors believe she had the beginnings of a stroke live on the air Saturday morning. Adding further, she wrote that some of the people witnessed it firsthand and she is so sorry that happened. Julie continued that the episode seemed to have come out of nowhere and that she felt great before our show.

Over the course of several minutes during their newscast, things started to happen, added the anchor. According to Chin, she first lost partial vision in one eye, and a bit later she felt her hand and arm going numb. Later, she realized that she is in big trouble as her mouth would not speak the words that were right in front of her on the teleprompter. Taking her health into consideration, she was rushed to the hospital so that she can receive the best possible treatment that can keep her safe.

Chin apologized to the viewers for not continuing with the story and said that something is going on with her this morning. Chin then tossed the broadcast over to the weather team and said, “Let’s just go ahead and send it on to meteorologist Annie Brown”. Brown took over the podcast and responded with a laugh. He said, “Julie we love you so much and we all have those days”.

Instead of returning to the airwaves, Chin’s colleagues called 9-11, and soon after, she was rushed to a nearby hospital. On September 4, Julie Chin took to Facebook to give her followers an update on her health status. She mentioned that she was in good health. Adding further, Chin said that she is glad to share her tests have all come back great. Keep following our site for more such updates.

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