Heads up: This article contains spoilers for Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Story. In spite of the fact that June at long last come to Canada in Season 4 following quite a while of battling for her opportunity on The Handmaid’s Story, she was nearly removed back to Gilead.

At the point when she at last consented to board the boat that would take her and the evacuee teachers out of Gilead, she did as such deceptively. There are regulations set up that forestall Moira and the other people who give help from simply returning individuals to Canada with them. However, June is going to June, and she disrupted the guidelines.


Be that as it may, after entering the country, she was allowed haven, and any stresses over her being removed back to Gilead were crushed.

However, there was consistently the opportunity that June herself would pass on Canada to return to Gilead to help those she abandoned. She’s eccentric, obviously, and there’s little opportunity of her simply lounging around in the wake of being safeguarded. In the Sept. 21, 2022 episode of The Handmaid’s Story, June learns of a method for entering the nation in A dead zone and draw near enough to Gilead to become familiar with where Hannah is. Yet, might June at some point be sent back to Gilead eventually along these lines, or various other dangerous demonstrations? It appears to be conceivable.

Will June be sent back to Gilead on ‘The Handmaid’s Story’? It doesn’t appear as though there are plans for Canadian authorities, or Tuello, to send June back to Gilead to fight for her and reply for her wrongdoings. But, since June continues pushing things and in a real sense crossing lines to battle the system that assumed control over the U.S., she could ultimately be caught and taken into Gilead guardianship eventually.

Until further notice, in any case, she actually has sufficient mysterious invincibility to keep her protected in Toronto. That is, on the off chance that she doesn’t play the fool like shoot Serena. Since, as we see toward the finish of Season 5 Episode 3, she’s actually prepared to kill Serena. June actually hasn’t tracked down Hannah on ‘The Handmaid’s Story.’

The one thing that would make June return to Gilead all alone, in any case, is the chance of tracking down Hannah. The explanation she was so hesitant to leave for Canada was on the grounds that she actually hadn’t found where Hannah had been moved. The last time she saw her firstborn little girl face to face, Hannah was secured in a glass room and had all the earmarks of being scared of June. That picture plainly stayed with June and, surprisingly, provoked her to surrender the area of different handmaids she had been on the run with.

Also, subsequently, she actually couldn’t leave Gilead readily without carrying Hannah with her.

Moira constrained her to get away, however, and knowing June, she could kick off an arrangement to slip once more into Gilead and proceed with her work of cutting down the system.
All things considered, June didn’t get much of anywhere when she was trapped in Gilead. Yet, she could have a reestablished feeling of boldness and trust after her departure and, obviously, subsequent to dealing with Serena directly lastly berating her.

Right now, June is protected in Canada and she likely won’t be sent back to Gilead on the misrepresentation of political harmony. All nonetheless, don’t count out June fixing Moira’s diligent effort in liberating her and slipping once again into Gilead energetically. Watch The Handmaid’s Story on Wednesdays on Hulu.

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