An entertainer, Cynthia Okereke, who was as of late seized and delivered, has mentioned her snatching was an error, as she was not the target of the hijackers.

Evaluation that Okereke and a associate, Clemson Cornell, have been seized in Enugu State, and their criminals have been mentioned to have requested a payoff of $100,000.

In a gathering with Sunday Scoop, Okereke mentioned, “They let me know I used to be not the one they have been looking for. They expressed that since they couldn’t get who they initially wanted, they wanted to take me. It was a happenstance.”

She likewise expressed that despite sure reviews, a cost was paid earlier than she was delivered. She mentioned, “It’s utterly false.”

Requested how a lot was paid to get her alternative, the entertainer mentioned, “That’s every thing I gained’t say to you, but a cost was paid. I don’t imagine it ought to grow to be well-known on-line nonetheless the cost was paid. My vital different was the one that took the cost to Ngwa in Abia State.”

Relating her involvement with the hijackers’ lair, she mentioned, “They didn’t give me something. For the preliminary two days, I used to be there, I used to be not given any meals. It was on the third day they gave me milk and a malt drink. Since my abdomen was vacant, I understand that I might upchuck assuming I took it, so I declined.”

Inquired as as to if the hijackers perceived her as an entertainer, Okereke mentioned, “Once they caught us at Centenary Junction in Enugu, they mentioned, ‘Cynthia Okereke, you work we don’t have any acquaintance with you? Thus, I requested them what they wanted and argued that they should take my automobile after they shot very excessive. They mentioned they didn’t require the automobile.”

OKEREKE On how they have been shipped to the lawbreaker’s sanctuary, the entertainer mentioned, “We have been wrapped with a trampoline and brought to an obscure goal. It was the subsequent morning that considered one of them inquired as as to if I do know the place I used to be. I mentioned I didn’t have any thought and let me know we have been in Ebonyi State.”

Reviewing a portion of the issues the hijackers advised her whereas of their camp, she mentioned, “They mentioned Nollywood isn’t supporting Nnamdi Kanu (organizer behind the Indigenous Folks of Biafra), that we ought to return out as a bunch to assist him. As per them, ‘Kanu is battling for everyone (Igbo people).”

In the meanwhile, when Sunday Scoop set a name up with the opposite hijacked entertainer, Clemson Cornel, the person who picked up the phone expressed that he was getting therapy within the clinic.

By Graham Tyler

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