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On December 2, 1978, within the medical clinic of Florida, Kimberly Mays took delivery, who’s at the moment 43 years of age.

She is at the moment 43 years of age and has a tallness of 5 toes 5 inches round.

Kimberly has a spot with American ethnicity and is white.

She has a shocking birth-switch story, whereupon a miniseries has been made in 1991, that mirrors the narrative of exchanged youngsters earlier than lengthy their introduction to the world.

It’s a two-section miniseries greater than two successive evenings of Florida emergency clinic. It was delivered by NBC and coordinated by Waris Hussein.

Presently, it has been a very long time since Kim Mays discovered the prevalence that had occurred in her life simply after her introduction to the world.

On 1978 December 2, Kim accepting delivery as Kimberly Twigg to Regina and Ernest Twigg, whereas on 1978, November 29, Arlena accepting delivery as Arlena Mays to Bob and Barbara Mays.

Arlena had a critical coronary heart situation from her introduction to the world whereas Kim was stable.

Subsequent to discovering dysfunction in Arlena, her pure guardians exchanged her with Kimberly. Following 9 years, Arlena died of her ailment throughout open-heart medical process.

She was being raised by counterfeit guardians, Bob and Barbara, who intentionally exchanged her.

Following a half yr, her phony mom Barbara died, and Bob wedded a secretary Cindy Tanner, with whom he acquired separated following 7 years of marriage.

Later in 1990, Bob wedded Darlena, and he died in 2012 of ovarian malignant progress. Kim had an disagreeable adolescence. Her phony dad was extraordinarily controlling, and after the demise of her phony mom, she acquired a profound impact on her.

She likewise couldn’t end her education. She has a want to return to high school and purchase her G.E.D.

On the level when Kim was 9 years of age, she discovered that she was not their lady and the Twiggs moreover got here to understand Arlena was not their little lady when the blood bunch didn’t coordinate with them.

Twiggs got here to know their natural little lady and began a five-year guardianship battle. Later she didn’t stay with the 2 households and remained alone.

At 18 years outdated, Kim acquired hitched and had a baby. Afterward, she acquired separated from him. Her youngster is full grown at this level.

From that time onward, he acquired hitched to her subsequent partner. Collectively they’ve 5 children.

As of now, Kim had introduced forth six children with two spouses. The persona of each her vital different is undisclosed. She lives in america together with her subsequent partner and her children.

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