The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Shrishti revealing that she sometimes feels he is Karan. She apologizes to him. Arjun appreciates her for loving him so much and explains he is sure that Karan would have considered her his favourite as she is really nice. He then goes on to change the topic and says that he is sorry for coming to her room without notice. Shrishti asks him not to worry and asks him to come whenever he feels like he is her favourite.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 5th Jan 2021 Today Episode: Karan Slams Preeta

Shrishti explains to him that her sister is not that bad and that he should start seeing her in a nice way too. She goes on to say that she does not hate him and that she gets Karan’s vibes from him. After their conversation, Arjun leaves from there. Anjali also tries to leave with him but Shrishti grabs her hand and asks her not to trust Arjun blindly. Here, Anjali recalls how Shrishti started arguing with her blaming she was trying to befriend Sameer.

Anjali asks Shrishti to think whatever she wants to as it does not bother her at all. Shrishti tries to make Anjali understand that Arjun is not the best match for her. Anjali gets annoyed and questions Preeta who she thinks is suitable for Arjun then. Without wasting any time, Shrishti takes Preeta’s name. Anjali gets confused and asks Shrishti if she understands what is she even saying as Preeta is already married.

Shrishti realizes what she just said and asks Anjali not to tell this anyone. Later, Shrishti goes into her room and thinks about why did she take Preeta’s name even knowing that she is married to Rishab. On another side, Rishab rushes to the room and starts looking for the keys but fails to find them. Looking around, Rishab wonders where the keys go. Here, Arjun sees Rishab searching for something and asks what is he looking for.

Rishab tells him that he can not find the keys to the locker. Arjun asks him not to worry as he will find it and within some time, he finds it for him. Rishab gets stunned and looks at Arjun. The latter says that it was there only and that he just did not see it. Kundali Bhagya is really getting more interesting every passing day and due to this reason, a lot of people are taking interest in it. Keep following Social Telecast for more updates.

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