In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Arjun asks Anjali what happened to which she says that Rishab would come tomorrow to the office for the signing agreement. She adds that he also happens to have an important meeting afterwards so he will leave. Later, Rishab walks toward his car when Kavya rushes to call him. Preeta comes too and says that she is going to attend Kavya’s parent-teachers meeting. Rishab asks if she will not ask if he will go with her or not. Preeta says that it is okay.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 18th August 2022 Today's Episode Arjun Hits Prithvi

In the next scene, Anjali calls Rishab and asks if he will arrive office on time. Rishab tells her that he has never been late in the past 20 years. Arjun speaks from behind and says that Rishab will be on time. Anjali says that if he gets late, she is leaving for the office and is also taking the files with her. On another hand, Rishab talks to Preeta. Arjun sees that and feels jealous. He does not understand why he always gets envious of seeing them together.

Here, Kavya is in the car. Preeta stops the car at the signal. Kavya quickly picks up the mirror and throws the light out of the car. Kavya smiles seeing Arjun in the car. Arjun recalls how he used to tease Preeta when they were together. Preeta gets irritated and asks Kavya to stop playing with the mirror as it might annoy other people too. She tells her that she is just smiling at her friend. Preeta says that she should not make everyone her friend.

When they drive off, Preeta smiles as Kavya says goodbye to Arjun. Here, Anjali reaches the office and starts cleaning it. She finds a photo in the drawer. Anjali gets shocked to see the photo as it was of Preeta and Arjun. She wonders if Arjun still feels something for Preeta. Meanwhile, Rishab enters the cabin making Anjali hide the photograph. Rishab asks if she is hiding something from him.

Anjali says that it is nothing. Rishab then asks her about Arjun as they have to start the meeting. Anjali says that he might be stuck in traffic. On another hand, Arjun thinks about Kavya and how Rishab did not go to attend her parent-teachers meeting. Keep following Social Telecast for more such written updates and the latest and trending news. Stay tuned with us!

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