The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Preeta. She says that they can not trust him since it was a huge accident. She tells Rishab that they need to find out what was his motive behind getting closer to Luthra’s family. Rishab says that he always knew that he was not right and that he came to the family with not-so-kind intentions. Rishab adds that he has warned plenty of times about Arjun to everyone but no one cared.

Kundali Bhagya Today's Episode Written Update 12th October 2022 Arjun To Take Revenge

On another side, Sherlyn is working in the kitchen. Meanwhile, she sees someone standing at the door. Before she could process anything, Arjun comes inside and demands she tells Prithvi’s location. Sherlyn says that she has no idea where is he. She further adds that he should think that why Prithvi would return to the house when he clearly knows that he and the cops are searching for him. Arjun says that he does not trust her and goes on to call her a miserable person. She warns Sherlyn to tell Prithvi that he would soon land in jail and serve imprisonment for his wrongdoings.

Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode Update

Arjun leaves and Prithvi comes from the place, he was hiding. He says that Arjun has become his biggest enemy and adds that he looked like Karan in anger. In the next scene, Anjali sits on the bed and recalls the moment that occurred in the Luthra Mansion. While she was thinking about that, Arjun comes there. Anjali gets happy seeing him there and hugs him. Arjun asks Anjali what happened to her to which she says that no one ever talked this rudely to her. Arjun says that the family is expected to talk like that so he is not angry.

Here, Bi Jee thinks of Arjun and says that she never imagined that Arjun would do such kind of stuff. Janki comes and adds that she has also started to like Arjun but what happened today really affected her thought process and now she despises him. Bi Jee says that people nowadays have two faces and no heart and that she is scared that Arjun will try to harm Rishab. She tries to think of the reason, Arjun did all of this but comes up with none. It is no doubt to say that the story is getting interesting every passing day in Kundali Bhagya. Follow Social Telecast for more written updates and the latest news.

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