Spear Joseph Stwart, otherwise known as Spear Stewart, is involved with model Julia Summer.

He is known chiefly for his tricks, however he molds himself as a web comic. The Youtuber is one of the people who came into the stage once the small video stage Plant went outdated in 2017.


From that point forward, he has become one of Youtube’s most well known trick channels. He has amassed 6.54 supporters on his Youtube channel since he joined the stage on February 7, 2014. He likewise has two different channels. One is Spear 210, which zeros in additional on tricks and has amassed 1.43 million supporters.

The other channel is a recently made channel for Stewart’s shorts. As of the composition of this article, there is just a single video on the channel, yet it has previously amassed 278K supporters.

Spear Stewart’s Better half – Who Is He Hitched To? Trick based YouTuber Spear Stewart is involved with individual YouTuber Julia Summer.

Summer is an ordinary piece of Stewart’s recordings, as he has had a sweetheart work close by him for quite a long time, even with his past sweetheart. The two began dating in December 2019, and following a half year of dating, Stewart proposed to her.

Summer posted pictures on May 15, 2020, expressing that Stewart had proposed to her, with a subtitle saying “Future Mrs. Stewart.” Albeit two or three has not expressed anything freely, their marriage is accounted for at some point in 2022. Many individuals, particularly their fans, imagine that one reason why they have stood by so lengthy to get hitched is the Coronavirus pandemic.

Summer has expressed that Stewart was the person who helped her beginning her channel, “Juliaxsummer.”

Who Is Julia Summer? Julia Summer is a YouTuber and colleague of Spear Stewart, who is famous for being his better half.

She began her channel on July 16, 2020, a couple of months after she and Stewart became locked in. Up to this point, she has amassed 230K endorsers on her Youtube channel. Nonetheless, she isn’t as dynamic on her channel as Stewart is on his.

In spite of the fact that she has had her channel for quite some time, she has just posted 20 recordings, five of which are shorts. Not one of her recordings has arrived at 1,000,000 perspectives. Summer is by all accounts more dynamic on TikTok and Instagram. She’s considerably more effective on TikTok, which has amassed over 3.2 million supporters. Her content on TikTok is equivalent to Stewart’s, i.e., tricks and difficulties.

She is likewise well known on Instagram and has amassed over 714K supporters.

What Ended up spearing Stewart’s Ex? Prior to dating Julia Summer, Spear Stewart had a committed relationship with Lizzy Wurst.

The two dated for quite a long time, commending their fifth commemoration in June 2018. Wurst was a big piece of Stewart’s content during their Plant days. Wurst was likewise well known in Plant beyond her relationship with Stewart. She had throughout 100,000 supporters when Plant finished.

She moved to Youtube close by Stewart in practically no time before the end of Plant. Stewart and Wurst made a ton of content with one another, as a considerable lot of their tricks included tricking one another.

Their tricking content got fans and the wrath of individuals who could have done without their specific type of parody.

In any case, they continued to post and developed Stewart’s channel to 6.54 million supporters and Wurst’s to 1.34 million endorsers. Unfortunately, their relationship finished around 2018, and on December 20, Stewart posted a video named “we separated” on his Youtube channel.

Stewart expressed that he and Wurst separated on the grounds that they had oftentimes been contending at an undesirable level.

The termination of their friendship stunned both of their fans. Nonetheless, the couple dealt with their separation agreeably and profoundly intrigued their fans. They shared two canines named Theo and Bella during their relationship. Stewart and Wurst concurred that Wurst would take the canines, as Stewart generally needed to travel.

Wurst was likewise the essential parental figure of the canines.

After the separation, Wurst moved away, hued her hair dull, and began making content herself. Her content has become more about cosmetics and style than tricks and difficulties. As of the composition of this article, Wurst has created some distance from Youtube. The keep going video on her channel was three months prior.

One reason why she backed away from Youtube was on the grounds that she had finished her teeth. Likewise, this is on the grounds that she has been posting on TikTok more.

She has previously amassed 1.3 million adherents on the application, equivalent to the quantity of endorsers she has on her Youtube channel. She likewise has accumulated over 24.9 million preferences. Her content seems like other renowned TikTok pages, as she video blogs, does viral moves, and pursues famous directions.

She is likewise famous on Twitter and Instagram and has amassed 337.8K supporters and 1.4 million.

Who Is Spear Stewart’s Grandmother? Trick based YouTuber Spear Stewart’s clear-cut advantage with regards to content is his grandma.

Referred to just as Boss Grandmom, Stewart’s grandma was born on January 30, 1945, and is 77 years of age. She is Stewart’s maternal grandma and mother to their mom, Nina Stewart. She goes by Liz.

She is a web-based entertainment peculiarity and has amassed over 411K supporters on Instagram.

She has been a piece of Stewart’s content since his Plant days and has gathered more than 90 million Plant circles. The vast majority of her content on Youtube with Stewart spins around him tricking or fooling her into doing or responding to something foul.

As Stewart’s fans have named her, Boss Grandmom has become so famous that individuals have long begun making aggregations of simply her appearances in Stewart’s recordings.

Spear Stewart Family Bio Spear Stewart was born to his mom, Nina Stewart, and father, Bruce Stewart.

Nina Stewart has accumulated 344K devotees on her Instagram. Her content rotates around her family, and she cherishes posting pictures of both of her kids. Bruce Stewart is something very similar and shares many photos of his youngsters and family with his 249K adherents.

Nina was born on Walk 4, 1970, and is 52 years of age. Before distinction, she filled in as a business director at Mikes Well known, Harley Davidson, and LoJack Company.

Then again, Bruce is somewhat more seasoned. He was born on April 1, 1966, and is 56. The Stewarts have two youngsters, Spear and Sabrina Stewart. Sabrina was born on August 16, 1994, and is 28 years of age.

Sabrina is hitched to her better half, Dave Irwin, and they as of late had a youngster. Their kid was born on August 16, 2022, and is named Julian Robert Irwin. As per the online entertainment star’s Instagram post, the child was born five pounds.

Sabrina is a YouTuber by her own doing and has a Youtube channel with 15.6K endorsers. She likewise has a joint Youtube channel with her significant other called Jersey Energies, which has amassed over 4.38K supporters.

In any case, both of her channels are not as dynamic, and she has not posted any recordings in that frame of mind as of the composition of this article. Sabrina is more well known on TikTok, where she has amassed 105K supporters as of the composition of this article. She has additionally collected 396K preferences on the stage.

The virtual entertainment star likewise made a pass at a melodic vocation in November 2017, when she delivered her presentation single called “Hang On” on various music stages. The tune has since gotten 86,071 plays on Spotify.

Stewart’s family is more impressive online entertainment wise together than alone. They have a family YouTube channel, however it zeros in more on Bruce and Nina.

The channel is called 210Family and has amassed 273K endorsers. The Stewart family made the channel on December 28, 2012, years before Stewart was dynamic on Youtube or even Plant.

The Stewart family transferred the main video on the channel on August 11, 2019; from that point forward, 12 recordings have been posted. Tragically, the channel as it were

The channel is called 210Family and has amassed 273K supporters. The Stewart family made the channel on December 28, 2012, years before Stewart was dynamic on Youtube or even Plant.

The Stewart family transferred the main video on the channel on August 11, 2019; from that point forward, 12 recordings have been posted. Unfortunately, the channel just endured a year, and as of the composition of this video, nothing has been posted on the channel for a long time.

Where Could Spear Stewart From be? Trick based Youtuber Spear Stewart was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania yet brought up in Franklinville, New Jersey.

He was born on June 20, 1996, and is two years more youthful than his more seasoned sister Sabrina. The Youtuber at present dwells in Woodbury, New Jersey.

However he was born in Philadelphia, Stewart and his whole family see themselves as New Jerseyan and are exceptionally associated with the state’s way of life.

Particularly his grandmother, who has a noticeable New Jersey complement. Stewart, as well, nearly has Another Jersey emphasize.

The family is of Italian and Irish drop, which is as New Jerseyan as it gets. The Youtuber went to Delsea Local Secondary School in Franklinville, New Jersey. He moved on from Secondary School in 2014.

In December 2017, he purchased a house nearby from his folks.

A Concise Rundown Of Spear Stewart’s Youtube Vocation Spear Stewart joined the stage on February 7, 2014, and transferred his most memorable video on February 8, 2016.

From that point forward, he has delivered 1,675 as of the composition of this article. The most well known video on his channel has amassed 25 million perspectives.

More than 200 of his recordings have reached or outperformed 1,000,000 perspectives. The five most famous recordings on his channel are:

Title Views
HE CAUGHT US… 25 Million


22 Million


13 Million


11 Million

DESTROYING Furniture Store

11 Million

The second most elevated saw video was genuine, and Stewart nearly lost his hand.

Notwithstanding the discussion, mischief to himself, and the way that his audience is naive youngsters, yet he keeps on making such recordings, Stewart is shipping along and bringing in cash.

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