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Louise Newbury Height

160 cm

Louise Newbury Age

47 years

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Louise Newbury Net Worth, Age, Height, Wikipedia!

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Louise Newbury
Louise Newbury

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Louise Newbury Height

160 cm

Louise Newbury Age

47 years

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When is Louise Newbury Birthday? A Detailed Introduction.

Louise Newbury is a 47 old American celebrity wife. She is famous amongst us as the ex wife of the famous American Actor Bill Paxton. They were happily married for around 30 years until 2017. The tragic thing that happened in 2017 is that Bill passed away due to the complications that arose in the surgery he was supposed to undergo!

They got married in the year 1987 and were living together until Bill’s last breath. Since then there have been no reports of Louise Newbury marrying again. She is living the life of the widow since his death in the year 2017. The couple met a long time back on a bus in London.

At that point in time Bill was a struggling actor in the industry and she was also not a big personality. They fell in love instantly and started seeing each other and ended up marrying each other. There have been no reports of the couple having pr claiming any children throughout!

Talking about Bill, he is a famous American actor who has starred in various Hollywood films. He has appeared in various commercially successful films like The Terminator, Commando, Weird Science, Aliens, Near Dark, Predator 2, Tombstone, True Lies, Apollo 13, Twister, Titanic, etc

Along with being a celebrity wife, Louise is also a model. She has appeared in a lot of film and model shoots in the showbiz industry. Apart from being a model she has also tried hands as an actress and has been fairly successful at it. She is particularly known for her appearance in Martini Ranch: Reach.

Louise Newbury is active on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She is mostly seen on Twitter and Facebook more than Instagram. On both Twitter and Facebook, Louise Newbury has got a decent amount of followers where she gives us an insight into her personal life!

Louise Newbury Age and Biography

Louise Newbury Birthday lies in the year 1973. She was born in the United States of America and is a current resident of the same. Louise Newbury Age is currently 47 years. She will be turning 48 the next year. Her eyes are black colored while her hair color is black. Louise Newbury Zodiac Sign is Aquarius.

As per the reports, she is not married currently and was previously married to the famous American actor Bill Paxton. We have no information about her past relationships other than her relationship and marriage with Bill. Moreover, we have no idea what religion that Louise Newbury devotes herself to!

She is one of the richest celebrity wives in the nation along with some other content creators like Michelle Marti, Lulbaybee.g  to name a few.

Louise Newbury Net Worth

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Louise Newbury Twitter & Instagram

  • Louise Newbury Instagram id is: NA
  • Louise Newbury Twitter id is: @louisenewbury

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Mesmerizing Facts about Louise Newbury

  • Louise Newbury Age is 47 years
  • She is currently single and unmarried
  • Louise Newbury Height is 160 cm
  • Louise Newbury Birthday falls on January 20, 2006
  • Louise Newbury Net Worth is estimated around and more than $100,000

Commonly Asked Questions about Louise Newbury

  • When is Louise Newbury Birthday?
    • In the year 1973
  • Who is currently Louise Newbury Dating?
    • No one! Was previously married to Bill Paxton!
  • How tall is Louise Newbury?
    • 160 cm.
  • What is the total Louise Newbury Net Worth?
    • About $125,000 approximately.
  • What is Louise Newbury Age?
    • 47 years

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