Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss Season 2

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There are anime lovers all over the world. Right from the United States of America to some of the eastern countries like India, Japan anime is watched all over the world. It originally came from Japan but certainly, animes are not limited to only Japan, they are widespread all over the world. One of the recent upcoming anime is the Made In Abyss with some other famous animes like Death Note, One piece, and the recent Mob Psycho 100

Made In Abyss
Made In Abyss

The anime is currently having a single season that was released in the year 2017 month of June. The first season comprised of around 13 episodes. Now we are all set to witness Made In Abyss Season 2. But is it official yet? This is the real question that is currently trending all over Made In Abyss Anime fans!

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Made In Abyss is basically an adaption from a popular Japanese Manga. The Manga has been written by Akihito Tsukhushi. Takeshobo’s Digital Platform “Web Comic Gamma” is the Publisher of the manga version of this famous Manga. The English version is taken care of by Seven Seas. The Anime adaption is done by Kinema Citrus. Enough of the technical stuff, let us get into some entertaining things relating to Made In Abyss Season 2

What is the storyline of Made In Abyss Anime?

The anime revolves around a girl named Riko. She is basically an orphaned girl. She is a native from Ortho Town. Ortho Town is basically an island in the Sea. What happens is that suddenly she receives an intimation letter from her mother one day.

In the letter, it is stated that she wants to see Riko. Riko then agrees to go meet her mother and leaves the Ortho Town in search of her mother. While in the Journey, Riko meets Reg who is basically a Robot. It is a dream of Riko to be a “Delver” just like her mother

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Delver is basically an adventurer who goes to various places especially caves to find the hidden mysteries. In the second season of Made in Abyss, we can see Riko’s transformation into Delver and her search for his mother. The season 1 ends right there when he sets out to find his whereabouts his mother!

There are various things that might be answered in the upcoming Made in Abyss season 2 like:

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  • Will Riko be able to find her mother? What will be the challenges Riko facing during the search?
  • What about the other fellows in the town she used to live before?
  • Who will help Riko in getting her mother back?
  • What kind of experiences will Riko faces as a Delver? and are those experiences help her to find her mother?

Made in Abyss Anime Characters.

The most important thing if any movie or anime for that matter are the characters in the anime. So, what are some of the famous Into the Abyss Anime Characters? There are several characters in the anime but the ones that are the main characters who carry the anime on their shoulder are:

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  • Rico – Voiceover by Miyu Tomita in Japanese
  • Reg- Voiceover by Maria Reg in Japanese
  • Nanachi – Voiceover by Shiori Izawa in Japanese
  • Mitty- Voiceover by Eru Kitamura in Japanese

The English version dubs are taken care of as follows:

  • Rico – Brittany Lauda in English
  • Reg- Luci Christian in English
  • Nanachi –  Brittney Karbowski in English
  • Mitty-  Monica Rial in English

Where is made in abyss streaming or How to watch made in the abyss?

The anime series is streaming on various OTT platforms as of writing this. We cannot claim one OTT platform streaming it, there are multiple platforms doing it as of now. Some of the most common platforms where you may find made in abyss streaming are:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu and many others

What is the made in abyss episode list?

There are in total 13 episodes in the anime for season 1 that started airing for the first time in the year 2017and since then there have been speculations about a second season possibly!

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Some of the most common FAQ’s about Made In Abyss Season 2

  • What is made in abyss season 2 release date?
    • Unknown
  • When did made in abyss episode 1 come out?
    • In the year 2017
  • What is the total number of made in abyss episodes?
    • 13
  • Did made in abyss episode 3 turn out good?
    • Yes
  • Where can I watch made in abyss?
    • On Netflix, Amazon Prime or here

Well, that is for this article on Made In Abyss Season 2 and Made In Abyss Season 3. I hope you enjoyed reading the article on the same and hope to see you in the next article, till then take care and goodbye!

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