Victoria Azarenka is a notable Belarusian expert tennis player who is known to have been a previous world No. 1 in singles, having asserted the highest level interestingly on 30 January 2012.

Victoria Azarenka was the year-end No. 1 out of 2012 and has held the highest level for a joined all out of 51 weeks.

Victoria Azarenka was born on July 31, 1989, in Minsk, Belarus. She is the girl of Fedor Azarenka and Alla Azarenka.

Victoria Azarenka is an alum of the Belarusian State College of Actual Schooling.

Victoria Azarenka Guardians: Meet Fedor Azarenka and Alla Azarenka Fedor Azarenka and Alla Azarenka are the guardians of Victoria Azarenka.

There are very few subtleties or data about them, however they have been steady and seen all things considered of the rounds of their little girl.

Is Azarenka Russian? Victoria Azarenka is definitely not a Russian, however she is a Belarusian.

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