Michael J. Fox is reconnecting with a close buddy. On Wednesday, the Back to the Future star took in Broadway’s production of Death of a Salesman at the Hudson Theater in New York City and rejoined with the show’s star Wendell Penetrate, with whom Fox costarred in the Fox sitcom The Michael J. Fox Show.

Fox, 63, brought his 33-year-old son Sam to the play and modeled for photographs with Pierce, 58, and other individuals from Death of A Salesman’s cast, including Tony nominee Sharon D. Clarke, Khris Davis and McKinley Belcher III, after the show. “Attention should be paid!” Fox wrote in an Instagram post Wednesday after he saw the stage show.


“My dear companion Wendell Pierce amazes in Death of a Salesman at The Hudson on Broadway.”

“He genuinely gives a once-in-a-generation performance,” the actor added to his Instagram caption alongside a photograph of him and Penetrate at the theater.

Fox is not the first of Puncture’s past costars and companions to see him in his restricted engagement run in Death of a Salesman.

In October, Angelina Jolie attended a see of the Arthur Mill operator revival, which reimagines the classic play to follow a Black family in a white, capitalist world.

Jolie and Puncture already costarred in the 1995 film Hackers, one of Jolie’s most memorable leading roles.

A source told Individuals at the time that Jolie, 47, thought the production was “beautifully crafted and profoundly emotional.”

Fox as of late also rejoined with Back to the Future costar Christopher Lloyd at New York Comic-Con, which Fox said was similarly as overwhelming for him as it was for the franchise’s fans.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Fox talked about the second he saw his dear companion Lloyd, who he initially met after being cast as Marty McFly in the iconic 1985 film about time travel via a DeLorean. “Chris is the best person,” Fox told ET. “He’s gone from being this actor who I worked with, who I believed was entertaining and smart, to a like my person brother, to a really like a person father figure to me now.”  Tickets are on sale for Death of a Salesman’s restricted engagement on Broadway. The show goes through Jan. 15, 2023.

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