The entire Mill Creek High School community is mourning the unfortunate loss of one of their youthful cheerleader “Caitlyn Pollock” who is no longer among them due to a frightening automobile crash. Yes, you heard right, the cheerleader breathed last after being collided with another car on Saturday night, and the incident was too intense as she lost her life on the spot. Multiple wounds have appeared on her body which was speaking out everything about the intensity of the accident. Below you can get the complete details you need to know along with some unknown facts.

Mill Creek High School Cheerleader Caitlyn Pollock Killed In Gwinnett County Crash

Mill Creek High School Cheerleader Caitlyn Pollock Killed

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the concerned authorities are taking strict actions against the defaulter whose prime involvement is standing behind the exploit. Because she was going at the right direction he was the one who was furious in spite of knowing that it could be proven lethal as it occurred too. Thus, currently, the culprit has been booked under multiple sections but now, he is also being treated by the medical team so that, he could recover soon and then the sentence will be held in his name under many sections.

Who Is The Suspect? Charges Explained!

Reportedly, the defaulter has been identified as McDowell who was driving under the influence of Alcohol and therefore, did not know the scale of acceleration as he enhanced the speed. He had also been affected by minor injuries because of this, he is being treated by the medical team, and soon will recover and come to serve the sentence.

First-degree vehicular homicide and failure to maintain a lane charges are holding onto his name. Even, the family of the victim is also expressing their rage towards the defaulter while urging them to take strict actions against the culprit, as no one has a right to kill someone no matter what deliberately or non-deliberately.

Ever since, the news took place on social networking sites uncounted started paying tribute to the victim who lost her precious life, and condemning the defaulter as well. Even, almost everyone is standing by the family in this challenging time as they have lost an integral part of their family, which is heartbreaking enough. So here, we have mentioned such details which have been derived from the sources, and when something will come out we will make you familiar for sure, as our team is also looking ahead to get further information. Stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.

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