Islamic culture and customs are grabbing controversy nowadays from ‘Teen Talaqas’ to the ongoing protest against Hijab in Iran. The outrage sparked in the country when a girl named Ayesha was killed by cops for not following the cultural customs. She was brutally killed by the authorities due to not wearing Hijab. Later, the entire country stand against this brutality and started uploading videos wherein women cut their videos. A similar incident ensued in India as well when a man killed his own wife for not wearing Burqa. Get more information on the Taxi driver who killed his wife for not following Islamic customs.

Mumbai Man Iqbal Sheikh Stabbed His Wife Rupali To Death Over Not Wearing Burqa not following the cultural customs. She was brutally killed by the authorities

Man Iqbal Sheikh Stabbed His Wife Rupali To Death

According to the latest reports claimed by some of the significant media, organizations asserted that the incident happened in the state of Mumbai. A 36-year-old taxi driver named Iqbal Sheikh got married to a Hindu girl named Rupali who changed her religion and even her name for the love of Iqbal but her love took her life from her. The couple got married in the year 2019 and had a son a year later. Rupali’s family members revealed that she abandon her family.

In addition to this, the family also revealed that Rupali was even living separated from her husband with her son because Iqbal was compelling her to wear burkha but Rupali wasn’t agreed with this. She was living with her son for the past few months. The case grabbed the attention of the police authority and they started their investigation. The investigation officer disclosed after integration with family members that on 26th September, Iqbal called Rupali to discuss divorce. She went to meet her around 10 PM when an argument started between the couple for child custody.

However, the verbal spat turned extremely violent and Iqbal dragged her wife into an alley and started stabbing her to death. The emergency services arrived and declared her dead on the spot. A murder case has been registered against Iqbal by Mumbai police and he will soon proceed for further investigation. The case is collecting huge consideration all over the Internet and netizens are criticising these kinds of orthodox people.

Another reason behind the colossal attention toward the case is ongoing controversies in other countries and in the nation as well. Some months ago Kerala school also grabbed the headlines for wearing the burka. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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