Nollywood entertainer Uche Ogbodo has cautioned her fans and sweethearts not to support her as she mourned the circumstance of things in the country.

The mother of two shouted out over the slump in the economy which has prompted a lack of items.

Uche Ogbodo noticed how there is a decrease in bites, treats and other baking items.

As indicated by her, her heart is draining over the difficult times.

In comparable news, Kindness Aigbe had shouted out over the difficulties in the country.

The MAG Divas President noticed how depleting this nation had become, particularly for entrepreneurs.

Leniency Aigbe spread the word about this as she responded to the disturbing expansion in dollars.

At the hour of detailing, 1$ was N635.

Taking to Instagram, Leniency Aigbe addressed how her kindred business people were getting by.

By Graham Tyler

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