A cherished New Jersey state funded trainer was purportedly shot and killed by her vital different within the factor specialists are calling “an illustration of abusive habits at dwelling.”

Lucas Cooper, 39, was captured on Jan. 24 in Pennsylvania, following an hours-in size manhunt concerning the capturing demise of 35-year-old Tamara Lord, of Jersey Metropolis, as per a public assertion from the Hudson District Examiner’s Workplace. He’s accused of murder, imperiling the federal government help of a child and weapons offenses.


Jersey Metropolis cops have been known as round 7:10 a.m. to the girl’s third ground loft on a report of a capturing, the supply states. There, police mentioned they discovered Lord’s physique with shot accidents.

The casualty was taken to Jersey Metropolis Scientific Middle, the place she was articulated useless quickly after 8:05 a.m., specialists mentioned.

As indicated by NBC New York, sources mentioned a number of’s 14-year-old little woman known as 911 and assured her dad shot her mother on quite a few events, but the little woman was purportedly protected.

It’s vague proper now assuming that the little woman noticed the deadly episode. Lord was an “exceptional trainer and devoted worker,” at State funded College Quantity 5, Jersey Metropolis Authorities funded Colleges Director Dr. Norma Fernandez mentioned in a proclamation obtained by the ability supply.

“She will probably be remembered fondly and our requests go to her household as they adapt to the misfortune.” Cooper was instantly distinguished as a suspect by examiners, who later tracked down him in Bethlehem, Dad, with help from the U.S. Marshals Administration, Pennsylvania State Police, and different policing.

In a proclamation to People, the Hudson District Examiner’s Workplace affirmed that the respondent “is correct now being confined on the Lehigh Province Jail forthcoming removing to New Jersey.” It likewise wasn’t promptly clear within the occasion that Cooper had entered a supplication or held a lawyer who might discuss for his profit.

Within the occasion that you’re encountering aggressive habits at dwelling, name the Public Aggressive habits at dwelling Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or go to thehotline.org.

All calls are complementary and personal. The hotline is accessible day in and time out in extra of 170 dialects.

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