Hello, all the Naagin 6 lovers, finally the weekend is here along with fresh episodes which you all were impatiently waiting for, as Saturday, 17th September 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama. Because finally, the daughter of Pratha is going to turn into the Naagin and till now Pratha does not know anything about her as she is also hiding the truth from her because she does not want to make Pratha familiar with all these. Because once she will come to know about her real avatar, everything will be overturned upside down.

Naagin 6 Today's Written Update 27th August 2022 Episode Mehak Ends Up Her Life

Meanwhile, Prathna decides to reach the old temple behind the mountain as the snake charmer is going to come there for the “Naagmani” and this is the reason, she wants to end him at any cost while killing because no one has a right to occupy the “Mani” and therefore, it would be better if she kills him before its too late. Therefore, she leaves the house without making anyone aware of her further steps and says that no matter what happens but she will never ever let someone reach “Naagmani” because it is precious for the “Naag-World” and the deposition of Lord Shiva.

Naagin 6 Today’s Episode

On the other hand, Pratha is continuously thinking about the current behavior of her daughter Prathna as she is doing strange things, as she is not allowing her to enter her room and going early while coming late. Therefore, she has come to know that something is fishy behind all these, and hence, she will have to figure out everything as she does not want to see her daughter in the same circumstance she had gone through in the past. Therefore, she always pray to lord Shiva so that, he could bless her daughter with the great boon of human life.

Then, she thinks to make Rishabh aware of everything because he is also having a right to get everything about her daughter, as currently, her behavior is indicating something which is beyond human thinking. Therefore, she makes him aware of everything and says that they will need to pay attention to her before it’s too late. But Rishabh makes her understand that she is thinking the things which do not even exist so this is the reason, she needs to stop thinking about all these, and a very adorable angle takes place between Pratha and Rishabh. So do not miss watching the show on Colors TV at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.

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