We are extremely grieving to announce the unfortunate passing of popular National Hockey Development Programme trainee “Bill Wolfson Anak Lianie” who breathed last on the 6th of November 2022’s morning after being battled against giddiness and discomfort. As soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites uncounted reactions commenced hitting the headlines to such an extent that no one had even imagined seeing the departure of their close one, especially a legend. Hence, the sorrow of his fans is hitting the headlines to such an extent as they did not expect it, below you can get everything you need to know.

NHDP Hockey Trainee Bill Wolfson Lianie Dies At Perak Sports Council Training Camp

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Bill Wolfson Anak Lianie was dealing with such intricacies which were continuously affecting his health, and therefore, he was being treated by the medical staff so that, they could bring him alive ahead. But unluckily his health stopped working with the cure, which turned him lifeless while enhancing the obstacles for the medical team. As they were trying their best but can not save him as he faced multiple thorns at his staying spot where he was dealing with giddiness and further complications.

Hockey Trainee Bill Wolfson Lianie Dies

Reportedly, Bill Wolfson Anak Lianie breathed last on Sunday, 6th of November 2022 at around 07:00 am at the Perak National Sports Council (MSN) hostel. Later, he had transported to the medical center where they kept him under their observation but the chances of his survival had already decreased in a certain manner which no one had even imagined.

But in spite of this, plenty of attempts have been made by them, as they were trying their best to save the legend but nothing worked ahead of the god’s will as he had to leave the world in such a spontaneous manner, which is heartbreaking enough.

Almost everyone is paying tribute to the legend through social media, especially on Twitter where a wave of heavy flood occurred, and this is the reason, uncounted are coming forward with their heartfelt quotes. As nothing is more painful than losing a person whose appearance is enough to set the four moons, hence almost everyone is going through a great shock of losing him as he was not prepared to get dead. So we will also pray may his soul rests in peace in heaven and will also pray for his family (RIP Bill Wolfson Anak Lianie) do follow Social Telecast.

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