Renowned media character Daddy Freeze, Monica Friday, and different Nigerians have responded to the central government’s proposition to restrict the utilization of creature skin, referred to locally as ponmo, in the nation to revive tanneries.

On Sunday, Muhammad Yakubu, chief general of the Nigerian Organization of Cowhide and Science Innovation (NILEST), Zaria, expressed this in Abuja. He asserted that the claim was important to revive the country’s lethargic cowhide industry.

He accepts that eating creature skin, which has no healthy benefit, ought to be suspended to save the business and lift the country’s economy. The foundation, in a joint effort with industry partners, will move toward the public gathering and state legislatures to propose regulation restricting “ponmo” utilization, as per the chief general.

“Supposedly, Nigerians are the main individuals in the world who exaggerate skin as a food source; all things considered, Ponmo has no dietary benefit.” “There was a movement before the two offices of the public gathering, it was discussed, yet I don’t know how the matter was tossed out,” he said.

As per him, the utilization of creature skin is mostly to fault for the present status of tanneries in Nigeria. He additionally expressed that the ongoing Public Calfskin Strategy had tended to a portion of the area’s basic issues.

“On the off chance that we get our tanneries, footwear, and calfskin creation going in Nigeria, individuals will struggle with purchasing and eating pomo.” When completely carried out, it would resurrect the majority of the sluggish tanneries and increment creation yield.”

By Graham Tyler

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