Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles glammed up for Don’t Stress Sweetheart’s New York City debut on Monday at AMC Lincoln Square Theater.

As far as age, Wilde is very nearly 10 years more seasoned than the 28-year-old Grammy victor.


In any case, the pair have been areas of strength for going cooperating on the Palm Springs set of the film.

Co-stars, for example, Gemma Chan and Sydney Chandler joined the couple on honorary pathway. Regardless of this, Florence Pugh and Chris Pine didn’t go to honorary pathway occasion.

The pair have been at the focal point of the continuous contention encompassing the thrill ride film for quite a while.

While she split with Ted Rope star Jason Sudeikis in November 2020, many scrutinized her unexpected detachment.

At present, the alienated couple is engaging over guardianship of their youngsters, Otis, 8, and Daisy, 5.

The Autonomous Soul Grant winning producer as of late denied any hybrid between her connections.

Wilde said in a meeting, “The total horses**t thought that I left Jason for Harry is totally erroneous.”

She proceeded, “Similar to any relationship that finishes, it doesn’t end for the time being.

[But], tragically, Jason and I had an extremely uneven street, and we formally disintegrated the relationship towards the start of the pandemic.”

Olivia wore a dark long-sleeved YSL outfit and explanation wristbands that beautician Karla Welch decided for her debut.

The 38-years of age star’s brunette hair highlights side-separated waves by beautician Kiley Fitzgerald.

Mélanie Inglessis, the cosmetics craftsman, applied a fragile pink sulk to Olivia, featuring her green eyes.

As well as coordinating the film, the DC Class of Super-Pets star assumed the part of a mixed drink cherishing mother in the thrill ride.

Spoiled Tomatoes presently has a grim 34 percent pundit endorsement rating (out of 64 surveys) for Don’t Stress Sweetheart.

Housewife Alice, played by Florence Pugh, is the focal point of the film Don’t Stress Sweetheart.

She moves with her significant other Jack (Harry) into an idealistic local area for his new undertaking.

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