Hello, all the Anime/Manga lovers, finally your favorite and highly anticipated series “One Piece” is set to drop the much-awaited episode. Yes, you heard right, “One Piece Special Episode 5” is coming to make you feel over the top, as only a very few moments are left in the broadcasting. So just be ready to get the series as Crunchyroll and Funimation are set to get the rights of the release. Hence, initially, you need to make sure that your app subscription should remain ahead, as everything is paid there. Below you could get the comprehensive details such as release date & time, spoiler, preview, etc.

One Piece Special Episode 5 Release Date Time Spoilers Where To Watch Online

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the makers are releasing “One Piece Special Episode 5” on Sunday, 9th of October 2022 officially. In short, you need to prepare your mobile and Television screens because within a few hours you will receive the series. But the makers have decided the different timings according to the comfort zone of your country so therefore, if it gets delayed in your country then you do not need to worry because the series can miss the schedule as well, but definitely reach you at the accurate time.

One Piece Special Episode 5 Release Date

Release Date:– Sunday, 9th October 2022

If we talk about the synopsis, the story revolves around Kanjuro as he came out after being battled against the multiple complications of the circumstances that turned lethal for him. But now, the mysteries of the prior chapter will be disclosed by the episode, and therefore, almost everyone is looking ahead to make themselves aware of everything. Especially with those circumstances which were hitting the headlines but unfortunately remained behind the curtain. But now, the time has arrived to put those curtains off which are hiding the crucial stuff regarding the series. Hence, the special episode is hitting the headlines to such an extent.

Now, if we talk about the release timings of the series so it will take place at different times, so in India, it will be released at around 07:30 am, in Pacific timings at around 07:00 PM, in Spain timings at around 10:00 am, in Latin America at around 03:00 am, Central timing at around 09:00 am, British timings at around 03:00 am, Australian timing at around 11:30 am, philippine timings at around 10:00 am, European timing at 04:00 am. At the time of following such timings you will receive the series, so do not miss watching it at the correct time, and do follow Social Telecast.

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