The fantasy animated series Overlord Season 4 has become one of the most entertaining shows to be telecasted. It is no doubt to say that the series has been garnering the attention of a lot of people. So far, the series has entertained the viewers with 9 episodes. Now, the fans are anticipating the release date of episode 10. Are you also curious to know about the same? Well, if that happens to be the case, check out the article below and get all the details related to it.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 10

Before finding out what happens in the next episode, let us discuss episode 9. It was titled “Countdown to Extinction”. The previous episode saw the start of the war between the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Sorcerer Kingdom. Let us add that the war started one month after Albedo made the declaration to King Ramposa III’s court. Using their own strategy, The Floor Guardians, as well as Ainz, were to annihilate different parts. As his battalion lacked military force, it seemed like there were flaws in Ainz’s plans. Ainz was requested by Nigredo to spare human life.

You must be wondering what would happen in episode 10. Well, let us tell you that Ainz will be seen investigating the Red Drop member as he adorned a Powered Suit of the YGGDRASIL game. It indicates that the person might either be related to a player or be a player himself. However, they will have to investigate the matter no matter what. On another side, it looks like Prince Zanac will imprison his father, King Ramposa III, to get all power to Kingdom’s military force. While he himself seems unable to believe his actions, he is forced to take such actions for the sake of his kingdom.

Now, talking about Overlord Season 4 Episode 10 release date, it would be released on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, at 10:00 PM JST. The episode would be titled “The Last King”. For those unversed, the series would be available to watch on Ani-One Asia (for members only), Amazon Prime Germany, and Crunchyroll. There would be a total of 13 episodes that would entertain the fans. Only three episodes will be left after the release of episode 10. Needless to say, the fans are counting the days to know what will happen in the storyline at the end of the series. Keep following our site for more such updates and the latest news. Stay tuned to this space and follow us!

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