NBC got walloped web based after the broadcaster completely pardoned mind blowing rocker Ozzy Osbourne during his live halftime show, some part of the Buffalo Bills versus Los Angeles Rams NFL season opener on Thursday night.

Watchers got down on NBC for basically making Osbourne’s show first class to the SoFi Field swarm after they failed to show the singer for more than 10 seconds onscreen.


Osbourne, 73, was by then somewhat through playing out one more song from his latest assortment Patient Number 9, which dropped Friday, when he was introduced on TV by sportscaster Maria Taylor. NBC immediately based the camera on the craftsman before quickly downsizing to Taylor and her partners, Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison, to recap the principal piece of the 2022 NFL season the initial shot game.

Fan accounts flowing on the web show that Osbourne similarly sang his hit “Crazy Train” while the halftime load up moved forward with their report.

Directly following preventing watchers from getting Osbourne’s display, different stunner fans brought to Twitter to get down on NBC for finding a way “to f**k up a games broadcast” by “yelling” onscreen “about what we in general as of late watched.”

NBC thinking we’d incline toward hear a first half recap than Ozzy Osbourne’s show is… confusing.

Speedy to keep his fans happy in any case, Osbourne has since shared his show totally on YouTube.

Osbourne’s halftime show signified his resulting time showing up since going through a “groundbreaking” operation in June. Going before last night, he performed at the Birmingham 2022 Alliance Games in August.

Hours before showing up at SoFi Field, Osbourne respected “our generally imperative Sovereign” after news broke that the sweetheart Sovereign Elizabeth had died.

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