Within the newest episode of Pandya Retailer on Could 24, 2023, Dhara and Krish disguise themselves as medical doctors to sneak into the laboratory and overhear a dialog between the lab assistant. In the meantime, Arushi is torn between her loyalty to her mom’s phrases to not trigger hurt to Dhara. Shiva comforts Arushi as she pretends to be sobbing and tells him that they’re the discuss of the city. Shiva tries to console Arushi by asking for the names of the people who find themselves gossiping about them. Within the lab, Dhara reveals to Krish that the lab assistants manipulate blood pattern reviews. Dhara insists that they urgently require Shweta’s blood pattern to search out the reality.

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Pandya Retailer twenty fourth Could 2023

As Dhara distracts the eye of the physician, Krish manages to find Shweta’s blood pattern within the field. While the physician approaches him and interrupts his efforts to retrieve the pattern, Shiva affords to ask his household to Arushi’s marriage ceremony. Nonetheless, Arushi questions whether or not Shiva has any actual affect or respect in his household, on condition that she had witnessed him being bodily assaulted by his personal mom. Moreover, she taunts him by suggesting that Dhara had insulted each her and her mom, making an attempt to impress him into feeling outraged. By feigning sorrow and shedding false tears, she manipulates Shiva into sympathizing together with her and admitting that his family can also be uncertain about their potential alliance.

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In the meantime, within the laboratory, Dhara contacts the physician to redirect his focus from Krish whereas Krish collects Shweta’s blood pattern and exits. Moreover, Shiva assures Arushi that he’ll carry his household to her place to finalize the marriage preparations. On the Pandya residence, Dhara and Krish converse about Shweta’s blood pattern earlier than heading to the lounge because of the commotion brought on by Shiva’s screaming. Shiva pours kerosene on himself, inflicting the household to turn out to be unsettled and plead with him to stop his silly actions and regain his senses. Shiva intends to push his household to behave!

Moreover, Shiva ignites the matchstick and cautions his household to remain again, or he’ll set himself ablaze. Suman implores Shiva to rethink her love, threatening to do the identical. Dhara implores Shiva repeatedly to not relight the matchstick and be a part of them in dialog as a substitute. Shiva stays fixated on his marriage ceremony, talking in a proper tone and declaring that he has encountered many hardships and seeks to do one thing for his future partner. And the episode ends right here.

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