The Basic Overseer of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, Pastor Kumuyi has apparently spoken in regards to the 2023 Nigerian races.

As per Pastor Kumuyi, God’s will likely be completed and Nigerians will have fun. He unfold the phrase about this when he visited the Osemawe of Ondo Kingdom, Oba Victor Kiladejo, at his fort on Wednesday, August 24, 2022.

In his lodging, he stated;minister kumuyi-talks round 2023-races says-divine beings will-be-done

“As to the next yr, 2023 in regards to the political race, every thing is within the possession of God. I have to inform you, that no pin drops anyplace on the planet with out God’s data and nobody goes on with out God’s management. He controls all that happens on the earth.⁣

Might there be a political race one yr from now? might there not be a political race? Who will come up because the chief of our nation? Who will emerge as legislative head of each one of many states? Recognized unto God earlier than the daybreak of historical past and what we want in reply to the problem of contentious people in our property. What He wants will work out. On the level when a lion is coming, no rodent holds him up and says you may’t move.⁣

On the level when the Almighty says that is what it’s, for Nigeria particularly, for 2023 particularly, no elephant of a person can maintain its up. God’s will likely be completed and we’ll all rejoice.”⁣

By Graham Tyler

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