Here we are sharing a piece of sad and Shocking news with you that Art Laboe has passed away reportedly at the age of 97. Art Laboe was an American disc Jockey, songwriter, radio station owner, and record producer. He was a very famous personality. Since her passing news came on the internet it went viral on social networking sites. Art Laboe’s passing news left many people in shock and pain and now uncounted reactions are hitting the headlines on the internet. Now many people are very curious to know about him and how did he die, so please read the complete article for getting more information about him.

Art Laboe Cause Of Death Pioneering DJ Who Coined 'Oldies But Goodies,' Dies At 97

Art Laboe was a very famous American -Armenian Dj. He was commonly credited with coining the term ” Oldies But Goodies.  In 1943 he created his radio debut during the 2nd World War on KSAN in San Francisco, while stationed at Treasure Island. He was credited with supporting the end of segregation in Southern California by collecting live DJ shows at Drive entries that drew whites, Blacks and Latinos who danced to rock n roll and surprised an elder generation still listening to Frank Sinatra and Big Band music.

What Was Art Laboe Cause Of Death?

According to the exclusive report and sources, Art Laboe passed away reportedly when he was 79 years old. He had taken his last breath on 7th October 2022, Friday night. He died due to pneumonia at his home. His passing news has been confirmed by Joanna Morones, who is a spokesperson for Laboe’s prediction company, Drat Entertainment. Since Art Laboe went out on social media platforms lots of people are very sad. It is a very hard time for his family because they lost their beloved person of the family. Scroll down the page for more information about the news.

As per the report, Art Laboe was born on 7th August 1925 in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. His family moved to Los Angeles during his high school years. He completed his graduation from Washington Hig school. After graduation, he worked in the United States Navy and was stained at Naval Station Traswues island in San Francisco Bay. When his death news came on the internet many people have been paying their tributes to him on the social media platform and expressed their condolences messages to his family. So accept our deep condolences and blessing for his family. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more updates.

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