The Lovely Professional University (LPU) students in Jalandhar staged a sizable protest late Tuesday night, days after the Punjab Chandigarh University controversy that shook the State over an alleged video leak. This is in response to a first-year student apparently committing suicide in a private university dorm room. According to the authorities, the student left a suicide note behind and gave various personal reasons for taking such drastic action. The matter has become the subject of discussion on social media. Here, find out all the complete details about the case and know what happened.

Protest Erupts In Punjab Jalandhar After Student Dies By Suicide Inside College Campus

As per reports, a student committed suicide in the hostel. He has been identified as Agun, a resident of Kerala. Apart from his lifeless body, a suicide note was discovered by the officials where he had blamed personal reasons behind taking this step. According to the students who were protesting, it was the second suicide on campus in the last 10 days but the administration was tight-lipped on the issue.

Protest Erupts In Punjab Jalandhar

On another side, both police and civil administration are denying the allegations by the students. According to the students, they were demonstrating because they wanted to know what led to the two suicide situations. They claimed that because the incident was kept quiet, the most recent suicide had gone unnoticed. According to a statement released by the LPU on Wednesday, “We are heartbroken to communicate the news of the regrettable situation, where one of our students has ended his life.

The kid took the extreme step because of the personal issues he encountered at his former school, NIT Calicut (Kerala), where he studied for two years, according to the suicide note that was found. “On Tuesday, there was confusion among his fellow students due to a lack of knowledge, which resulted in nighttime unrest on the university campus. Students have been given a full explanation of the situation by the police and university officials.

The university is now calm, and all students are happily attending their lessons and taking their exams. The institution offers its sympathies to the bereaved family and mourns the loss of the student. On another side, Congress leader and former Punjab MLA Sukhpal Khaira demanded Aam Admi Party (AAP) and authorities conduct a detailed investigation into the case. He even highlighted a similar incident that occurred a few days back should be thoroughly investigated as well. Keep following social Telecast for more such kinds of updates and news.

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