Chandigarh, Sep 22 (IANS) Punjab Boss Secretary Vijay Kumar Janjua on Thursday guided all Delegate Magistrates to make legitimate game plans in their particular locale to forestall stubble consuming definitely.

He said unique endeavors are being made by Boss Clergyman Bhagwant Mann to sharpen ranchers about this hazard, and monetary help is likewise being given to ranchers to acquisition of blissful seeder and other such devices for stubble the board.

Directing a gathering, the Main Secretary said the public authority is taking a unique drive to advance administration of stubble as opposed to consuming it to save the climate from contamination.

He requested that authorities make ranchers mindful that assuming a rancher who consumes stubble, will get a red section in his income record, and afterward he might be denied of numerous administration plans.

Janjua expressed because of the expansion in contamination levels in northern India because of stubble consuming, Punjab needs to confront shame at the public level so the ranchers ought to be made mindful of stubble the executives as opposed to consuming it.

He expressed in spite of the fact that there is a regulation in regards to non-consuming of straw, however notwithstanding this occurrences of consuming of straw were accounted for from many spots.

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