In the latest episode of Sanjog, we watched that Rajeev is telling Amrita that he can’t trust her anymore. He further says that Tara’s school is getting started today and along with that you hide your affair and also lied about Tara. Amrita gets stunned hearing Rajeev’s words but Rajeev asked for a reply. Rajeev continues to allege Amrita and asks if she doesn’t have any kind of new story to fool him. He asks how long she is in this illegitimate affair. Amrita looks at him but doesn’t say anything. Get more information on Sanjog’s 27th September 2022 written update.

Sanjog 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update Amrita gets stunned hearing Rajeev's words but Rajeev asked for a reply Amrita didn't give her a reply said

Chanda and Gauri are alone in a tent when Chanda asks when she is going to meet Bapu. Gauri replies that she can meet her father tomorrow and asks her to pray for good. Tara falls asleep when Amrita tells Rajeev that the venerations’ preparations have been completed. Just then she received a call from Lakshita but didn’t attend because Rajeev was there Lakshita calls her again and asks her to put the phone on speaker. Amrita picks up the call and obeyed Lakshita’s message.

Lakshita started her game and apologise to call at the hour and says that she is going to buy some clothes for Rajeev if he is still handsome. Amrita didn’t give her a reply and said that she will call her later. On another hand, Rajeev thinks that Lakshita still likes him. Rajeev says to Amrita that she should have informed him is she is still in touch with Lakshita. Amrita tells him that they are planning a surprise which is why she kept things privy. Amrita goes to sleep. Rajeev also goes away from there and sees Lakshita’s image on his phone.

The next morning Amrita started for veneration and just then Maasa comes there along with Rajini. Rajeev makes things clear to them and says he is aware with whom Amrita was talking too and we were false about her. Amrita thanks god that her relationship has been saved and misunderstandings have been cleared. Chanda there brought the Goddess idol and asks where should she establish it.

Amrita there again appreciates Rajeev and says that she knows there is love even in his reprimand that shows his concern toward her. She further says that she is quite amazed that you were jealous and insecure about me. Tune in to Zee TV at 10 PM and watch exclusive episodes. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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