The demise of Queen Elizabeth II of England created a ruckus via web-based entertainment, and Reno Omokri has taken to virtual entertainment to uncover how remarks made by Nigerians about her passing via online entertainment could influence Nigerian residents.

A many individuals offered pessimistic remarks concerning her downfall, however it was the remark of a specific woman that grabbed the attention of the media, because of her character. Reno Omokri said that what Nigerians don’t understand is that the woman’s assault on the late Queen Elizabeth and Jeff Bezos doesn’t adversely influence her.

As per Reno Omokri, her remarks come off on all Nigerians, as the United Kingdom doesn’t consider the lady to be an American. Rather, they consider her to be a portrayal of Nigerian perspectives, and this might influence families when next they apply for visas.

Reno Omokri uncovered that the high level nations screen feelings, as they have seen every one of the online entertainment posts commending her demise. They will not comprehend that the posts began predominantly from one piece of Nigeria. He uncovered that they consider the remarks to be against UK and enemies of US opinions, and this will cause them to fix the screws on the issuance of visas.

Reno Omokri brought up that these nations go about as though an individual has hostile to American or against British perspectives while finishing up a UK or US visa. They have computerized reasoning that scans the web for candidates’ opinions, and the woman that offered the viral expression is probable a United States resident, so it won’t influence her.

He uncovered that it will affect customary Nigerians who need to venture out to these nations, and they will start accusing their town individuals when their visa application is denied.

He expressed that such individuals will not recall their web-based entertainment posts. See his post in the screen capture underneath.

By Graham Tyler

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