RHOBH Cast Recalls Worst Moments and Reveals Co-Star They Texted Last as Erika Shades "Double Standards" and Rinna Claims They're "All Hypocrites"

Credit: Todd Williamson/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast traveled to New York City earlier this week, where they participated in a “Thrills in Beverly Hills” panel at BravoCon on Friday.

As they sat on stage beside host Brad Goreski, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Crystal Kung-Minkoff, Garcelle Beauvais, Kyle RichardsDorit Kemsley, and Sutton Stracke answered questions about their biggest show regrets, the last co-star they texted, and more.

“I can’t think of anything that I’ve done,” Lisa joked of her worst moments of season 12. “How about when I screamed at Sutton?” she wondered. “That was really intense.”

After then noting that she actually screamed at Sutton more than once, Lisa admitted that her memory failed her.

“When it happened, I didn’t remember it like that, so to see it back, I was [horrified],” she shared.

According to Erika, her worst moment was when she cursed at Garcelle’s 14-year-old son, Jax Nilon.

“I think the worst thing I have ever done in the seven years that I’ve been on was Jax, which I felt really bad about,” she revealed. “To drag him into my stuff was not right. But… I’ve been under the hardest years of my life for the last two years in front of [you], and I’m bound to make mistakes.”

As for Crystal, her biggest regret involved Sutton.

“I talk about it at the reunion… I adore Sutton. She’s a great friend. She’s open-minded, and we share a friendship and perspective,” she clarified.

Meanwhile, Garcelle said that she wished she had handled her feud with Erika differently.

“I feel like I did talk to Erika about what I was concerned about, but I think that she did not like the fact that I talked to the other girls about it, and I wish [I hadn’t],” she explained of voicing her concerns about Erika’s drinking habits to other cast members.

Next up was Sutton, who said she really regrets something that happened at the reunion.

“I did not speak up for Garcelle and Jax,” Sutton recalled, giving a nod to the online attacks Jax experienced amid RHOBH season 12. I’m sorry because Jax has a really sweet spot in my heart. I just love that kid he’s so great, and I adore Garcelle and what happened to that child is terrible.”

When the group was then asked who was the last housewife they texted, Kyle, Crystal, and Garcelle all confirmed they had texted Sutton most recently, with Garcelle noting that they’d hung out the previous evening.

“We did. That was really fun, although she dragged me out cuz I wanted to sleep… We did have fun,” she shared.

“I didn’t drag you out. I escorted you out,” Sutton clarified as Erika said Lisa was her most recent text recipient.

“I asked [her], ‘Have you made it?’” she recalled.

And after Dorit said the last person she texted was Kyle, explaining she was hoping to “figure out what time [they] were arriving,” Crystal pointed out that she still missed Kyle’s panel.

Also, during “Thrills in Beverly Hills,” Erika confirmed there’s double standards within the group.

“I think everybody has their own personal experience and can say, ‘Yes, there is double standards,’” she stated.

And Lisa flat out admitted that the dynamic of the group was “hypocrisy at its finest.”

“We’re all hypocrites at times,” she declared.

“We are in a fish bowl, and so it’s much more [pronounced],” Garcelle added. “But we all do it [in life].”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion continues with part two next Wednesday, October 19, at 8/7c on Bravo.

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