Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Episode Replace: Rishabh Will get Into An Accident:- The newest episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Arjun. He remembers how Preeta introduced a restraining order. He enters his car. He stops and stares at Preeta as she crosses the road. He then departs from it. Kavya informs Anjali that she has one thing to share together with her at college. She enters after telling her that she likes her since she is an honest individual. The school on the college notices that. By chance, Rishabh’s automobile collides with Anjali’s car. Rishabh and Anjali go into unconsciousness.

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Episode Replace

Arjun queries Anjali about her situation and the incident whereas she is within the hospital. He learns from Anjali that the accident occurred whereas she was driving in reverse. He tells the nurse that Anjali is doing nicely. Anjali tells him that she has been discharged and that he must take higher care of her. On one other aspect, Luthras see Rishabh and get fearful. Nevertheless, Sameer asks them to loosen up by telling him that Rishabh is out of hazard now.

In the meantime, Kareena says that they didn’t inform Rakhi about Rishabh’s accident but. Shrishti tells her that it’s okay because it was not a significant accident anyway. Arjun assists Anjali with strolling. She is requested to not snicker. He’s knowledgeable by Anjali that it was an accident and that she is alright. She claims Arjun has a pleasant indignant expression. He requests that she praise him favorably. He will get referred to as a prison by Preeta.

Based on her, Anjali prompted Rishabh’s accident in Arjun’s route. She is requested by Arjun if Rishabh is doing okay. Anjali tells Preeta it was an hour and apologizes. Anjali is a liar, based on Srishti. Based on Preeta, Anjali did this to win Arjun’s favor as a result of she adores him. She is cautioned by Arjun to not communicate that manner about Anjali. Preeta guarantees to not spare Anjali. From there, Arjun transports Anjali.

As a result of Rishabh must relaxation, the physician instructs Luthras to stay exterior the room. Sameer informs Luthras that Mahesh and Rakhi can be arriving. When Rakhi arrives and sees Rishabh, she sobs. She is knowledgeable by Preeta that Rishabh will quickly recuperate consciousness. Arjun and Anjali arrive on the residence. Anjali remembers how Arjun stood up for her. She informs him that he supported her over Preeta. Preeta overreacted, however Rishabh is OK, he informs her. Keep tuned with Social Telecast for extra updates.

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