Robin used to perform as a head supervisor at Redondo Seaside KFC. To make certain, she was a reputable laborer who was even furnished with keys to the eatery and its secure.

Supposedly, Detectives Dave Crespin, Jeffrey Lancaster, and Kranke assumed management over her passing case in 1984. Certainly, quite a few TV accounts have prompted people to seek out out on the subject of Robin’s demise even in 2021.

Robin Hoynes was utilized at Kentucky Fried Rooster (KFC). Tragically, she was killed on October 30, 1984. The story begins with William Charles Marshall who joined Redondo Seaside KFC on October 2, 1984. Allegedly, he stuffed in as an affiliate director below Gregory Rabdau (space supervisor).

As per Leagle, simply Robin, Gregory, and William had the additional keys of the café. From the earliest place to begin, Gregory didn’t confide within the beginner.

Inside solely half a month of working, Marshall started to request a excessive stage compensation. Certainly, he was usually not on time for work. When arriving not on time for the following time, Gregory suspended him.

Be that as it could, the keys weren’t taken from Marshall. The first housebreaking occurred on October 15 when William wasn’t working. The next morning, Robin had answered to the police.

On October 18, the money was misplaced from the secure. Throughout this night, William was working the night time shift. Certainly, Rabdau accepted that he was a cheat which is the explanation she suspended Marshall as soon as extra.

On October 26, she selected to finish him from the eatery. Allegedly, she booked a gathering for October 30. At round 7 PM, Rabdau went to the eatery to fulfill William as soon as and for all. Certainly, his substitution (Cheryl Fuller) ought to work till 9 PM nonetheless left forward of schedule at 4 PM.

Allegedly, Robin vowed to work somewhat than her. The next morning, when Fuller got here to work, she tracked down her useless physique mendacity on the ground. William Marshall is presently in jail as he faces the sentence of life detainment. Supposedly, he was captured prior in November 1984 nonetheless was delivered quickly.

Persevering with on, William’s ex, Yvonne Williams let Day by day Breeze know that she had lied earlier than. Afterward, she uncovered that Marshall by no means received again throughout the night time when Hoynes was killed.

It has been a very long time because the prior night time Halloween. A couple of TV reveals have included the account of William and Robin. All issues thought-about, the case stayed inexplicable for over twenty years. Afterward, the specialists affirmed that William was engaged with reducing Robin to dying.

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