The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart says that he was punched by Atlanta rapper T.I. after he kissed the rapper on the cheek.

Taggart shared the wild experience on Monday on the gathering’s Tik Tok account, where he reviewed that the episode occurred as of late while the two postured for a photograph together. The Tik Tok video starts with the subtitle, “while meeting T.I. turns out badly,” with Taggart making sense of how he veered off-track as he abused the rapper’s limits.

“My terrible, T.I., it will not repeat… except if?”, he says. “T.I. just in a real sense hit me directly upside the head. We’re in an energy and I was like, gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was absolutely my issue. Also, he was like, ‘Don’t do that,’ and I was like, ‘alright,’ and he pushed me off, and I was like ‘Okay, my terrible.’ Then, he hit me upside the head and I was, ‘alright, I’m grieved,’ and he was like ‘Okay, cool, we’re great.’ It was the strangest cooperation of all time.”

Taggart additionally gets a sense of ownership with the experience as he concedes that he is off-base for contacting the rapper.

“Above all else, T.I’s. completely justified here,” proceeded the “Closer” hitmaker. “I was feeling the energies excessively hard, and I kissed T.I. on the cheek and he smacked me upside the head for it. It’s completely fine,” he said.

In the interim, T.I likewise answered the viral Tik Tok video as he downplayed the video and said everything was well among him and Taggart.

“Above all else, I love The Chainsmokers, how about we simply get that straight,” TIP says.

“I have nothing negative to say. We just needed to deal with some stuff, you understand what I mean? Also, we dealt with it. We arrived at a greatly improved place. I have only beneficial comments about them. Heroes. I will not carefully describe the situation, yet I love The Chainsmokers, man, they make extraordinary music,” TIP added.

The rapper likewise responded to the remarks via web-based entertainment on an Instagram video where he said the episode was only a minor conflict.

“The way you all continue to say I punched somebody else, you all stop it, you know? ‘Cuz we had a minor commotion, you understand what I’m sayin’. Oh please, it’s nothing. It was very much like a muthaf**ker ventured over the line and you like, ‘Hello, man, you ventured over that line terrible, bet?’ And then he ventured back over the line the legitimate way and everyone progressed forward with their night. That was all there was to it. Wasn’t nothing major,” he added.

T.I additionally welcomed the gathering to be visitors on his digital recording and even tossed out the challenge to team up.

“Chainsmokers, I couldn’t imagine anything better than to have you on ExpediTIously so we could discuss, you know, your sensational music, and perhaps we can get Chainsmokers on ‘Kill the King’. Not kiss the ruler, Kill the King. Perhaps we can get Chainsmokers on my next project, or perhaps I can help them with something that they’re chipping away at,” the rapper said while kidding.

By Graham Tyler

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