On January 13, Taeyang and Jimin dropped their new single, named Power, total on Spotify. Across the identical time, Spotify shared a gathering on That is TAEYANG highlighting the lead vocalist. Within the assembly, he shared a comical story of how he erroneously reached some unacceptable Jimin for cooperation.

When Power was delivered, followers couldn’t stop commending the 2 symbols for his or her hypnotizing vocals, dance strikes, motion, and staggering visuals. The melody appeared with 4,858,696 streams on the Spotify counter.


As Taeyang shared the narrative of the gathering and consuming with some unacceptable Jimin, followers thought that it’s excessively amusing, and one tweeted out:

“Taeyang unintentionally noticed another person over supper since he added some unacceptable Jimin to their gathering discuss IM Shouting.” [sic]

In a gathering with Spotify, the icon shared the entire story exhaustively and instructed how he had the choice to reach on the BTS’ Jimin after the socially awkward act. The icon began by making sense of that he had reached some unacceptable Jimin and inquired as as to if he wanted to work with him.

On the level when some unacceptable Jimin answered that he couldn’t need something greater than to work with him, the 2 on this method chosen to get collectively at an eatery and focus on their tune. Nevertheless, extremely, it wasn’t the Jimin he was anticipating. There was another Jimin, nevertheless the image didn’t uncover his persona.

The image proceeded with that it was a craftsman with an identical title, and he understood by then that he had welcomed an alternate Jimin to supper. He contemplated internally now that every little thing had turned out badly, and he was unable to do plenty of about it. However, the image truly ate with some unacceptable Jimin and partook within the dialogue.

After this disarray, the icon in the end reached the BTS’ Jimin and requested him for a dinner. When Jimin concurred, the 2 started chipping away at delivering and making the music collectively. When Power was delivered, the tune bested just a few diagrams.

The Power music video earned over an astounding 22 million views in its preliminary 24 hours on YouTube. The tune earlier than lengthy grew to become one of many greatest to make an enormous look by any Ok-pop soloist on Spotify and positioned in sixth scenario with over 4.8 million streams.

The melody likewise arrived on Amazon Music Outlines, positioning first on the Worldwide Successes Diagram and World New Deliveries Graph. Additionally, the tune was set within the second scenario beneath the Movers and Shakers Graph class on an identical stage.

The story of the icon assembly some unacceptable Jimin unfold like shortly on the internet, and followers started giving their intelligent responses by way of digital leisure. Some had been dumbfounded, and others seemed to be entertained by the scenario of combined up persona. Just a few followers even wanted to know which craftsman acquired to fulfill Taeyang.

Followers had been moreover contemplating how the opposite Jimin most likely felt. One fan, summing up the story, tweeted:

“not taeyang by the way welcomed some unacceptable jimin to supper to debate the melody Haha nevertheless bc he’s nice he truly had an unbelievable supper with that particular person and ultimately acquired along with real jimin later.” [sic]

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