Bhopal, Sep 19 (IANS) Five individuals have been captured on the charge of assaulting a 17-year-old young lady in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa locale, police said on Monday.

A quest for the 6th charged is in progress.

According to police, on Saturday morning, the man went to the young lady’s home, met the family and took the young lady to a sanctuary.

After darshan, they were walking around a wilderness simply behind the sanctuary when six men confronted them. They overwhelmed the adolescent, whipped him, and hauled two or three two to the brambles where they alternated to assault the young lady.

The hoodlums took steps to kill them if they thought it wise to yell for help or inform anybody. Following an hour of torment, the attackers left, helping the couple to remember their message.

Ensuing to a FIR, the locale police got the ball rolling and professed to have captured five suspects, including two minors, in somewhere around 24 hours of the protest.

As indicated by SP Rewa, three suspects were captured from Rewa and two were caught from Mumbai, while the quest for 6th is in progress.

On Monday, Boss Clergyman Shivraj Singh Chouhan looked for reports from Rewa region police. During a computerized gathering with region gatherer and SP, the main pastor educated them to make a severe move against those included.

“I’m guiding you not to pay attention to anybody and obliterate every one of those associated with the gangrape occurrence. They merit no tolerance, regardless of whether they are minors,” Chouhan said during the gathering.

A senior cop, who is driving the examination, let IANS know that places of five suspects have been crushed utilizing tractors and a similar activity anticipates the 6th blamed.

Prominently, the couple was to get hitched following three months, after the young lady (casualty) turned 18.

The episode comes seven days following a three-year-old young lady kid was physically assulted in the state capital Bhopal.

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