The Game keeps on tossing hits at Dr. Dre presently guaranteeing the incredible maker has never gave him a beat.

One more week and one more distrustful case from The Game. This time the rapper has said that Dr. Dre has never really created a tune for himself and that remembers for his presentation collection, The Narrative. The Compton local made the cases during an appearance on Uproxx’s New Pair series.

He told co-has Simply Burst and shoe customizer Katty Customs that Dre directed his 2005 LP, however never really assisted by making any of the beats.

All things considered, he said he was thankful that the uber maker directed the development of the collection as he accepted that he was a virtuoso.

Anyway when it came to really making beats for the collection that won’t ever occur. Dre has likewise never made a beat for him on some other creation, Game guaranteed.

“Furthermore, once more, with all the impact and all the appreciation that I have for Dr. Dre, the truth of the matter is the reality. So you know, a lot of dope makers that Dre had under him or whoever — Scott Storch, the Simply Blasts, the Swizz Beatzs, the Timbalands — assisted me with assembling my exemplary collection,” he likewise shared.

He proceeded to say that he needed to get on a plane and go to Standard Studios to work with Simply Burst, who created tracks “Church for Hooligans” and “Not any Better time and Games,” to ensure it finished. He likewise shared that he did likewise with Scott Storch and Swizz Beatz. It was a similar interaction to work with Timbaland.

This is a direct result of that he said that he was unable to credit Dre for the beats.

“It’s a Dr. Dre chief delivered collection, yet individuals simply don’t comprehend the underlinings and how the business functions.

I’ve never had a tune with Dre on it and Dre been in my video. [Snoop Dogg] has a ton, [Eminem] has a ton. I don’t have none,” he proceeded.

Notwithstanding, with regards to how it separates on that collection credits, the “Overlooked Dre” rapper is credited with co-creating something like eight tunes on The Narrative, including “How We Do,” “Disdain It or Love It” and “Westside Story.” He’s additionally recorded in the credits as a leader maker close by 50 Penny.

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