Aisha Yesufu, a basic freedoms dissident, has gotten analysis from Daniel Regha, one of Nigeria’s disputable investigators, for noticing public occasions.

During the current year’s Eid-il-Mawlud festivity, the Central Government assigned Monday, October 10, as a public occasion.

The event is a celebration regarding the introduction of the Prophet Muhammad.

Because of the public authority’s declaration, Aisha Yesufu addressed whether Nigerians were not tired of having occasions.  Her question follows the line of government occasions that Nigerians notice. Daniel Regha answered in light of her request that Aisha Yesufu, a Muslim, ought to know about the meaning of the Eid-ul-Mawlid occasion for the people who follow the confidence.

He added that she isn’t expected to participate in the merriments, yet that since she is an extremist doesn’t give her the option to disregard others’ religions. “Think before you tweet,” he told her.

Is it safe to say that we are not tired of occasions, Aisha Yesufu? Daniel Regha: Aisha Yesufu u, all things considered, ought to know how significant the Eid-ul-Mawlid festivity is for rehearsing Muslims; U mustn’t take part, yet being an extremist doesn’t give u the option to disregard individuals’ religion.

All open occasions mark extraordinary events. Th!nk before u tweet. Recollect how dubious pundit Daniel Regha answered when he heard that Leader of the US of America Joe Biden had exculpated every one of those saw as at fault for the felony of weed ownership in his country.

By Graham Tyler

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