The online-based leisure star Waffler69, who was recognized for evaluating unusual meals varieties and drinks on TikTok, has died. He was 33.

The viral star from Louisiana, whose real title was Taylor and whose recordings was an online sensation, had a “assumed coronary failure” Wednesday night time, his brother Clayton stated.

Clayton composed on his personal TikTok account early Thursday morning that Taylor had died not lengthy after attending to the medical clinic. “That is nonetheless actually new, I don’t have the foggiest thought what is going to happen quickly,” Clayton stated. “Nonetheless, I figured I must get on TikTok and informed everybody. If it’s not an excessive amount of hassle, preserve his heritage alive.”

“Watch his content material that he has out,” he added. “Hold him alive. He cherished satisfying people.” Taylor made a video of himself having a go in any respect that from meat rubbish in a can to broiled grasshoppers. He bought 1.7 million supporters on TikTok and extra followers on Instagram and YouTube on account of it. For fairly a while, he had been making recordings.

Earlier than he died, he posted a video of himself dunking a goliath Froot Circle right into a bowl of milk. Within the remarks of his newest recordings, his followers composed respectable issues about him.

“I usually adored watching you. You unfold so many satisfaction and far chuckling to every of the,” one fan famous.

In regards to the demise of the TikTok star Waffler69, we’ve got given an exhaustive file of the situations encompassing his passing.

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