According to reports, Tory Lanez is being investigated by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. The Canadian rapper was accused of assaulting August Alsina on September 17, 2022, in Chicago. Taking to Instagram, Alsina claimed that Tory assaulted him after he refused to shake his hand. Now, the video footage of the said incident is going viral on social media. It has become one of the most discussed topics on the internet. The clip shows Lanez celebrating in the aftermath of the alleged attack. Get complete details of the matter in the article below.

August Alsina Tory Lanez

Releasing a statement, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said that they are aware of the allegations that the defendant attacked artist August Alsina and are investigating the claims. The allegations are serious and will be thoroughly examined, said the attorney. However, neither Lanez nor Alsina’s representatives have said anything about the matter yet. Let us tell you that the video that shows an altercation between August and Tory has been trending on social media platforms for the last 24 hours.

However, the footage of the encounter had yet to surface. Chicago comedian Skinbone took to Instagram on Monday, September 19, and shared a snippet of the run-in. The incident reportedly happened backstage at fellow comedian Rip Michaels’ Fall Back in Love Comedy & Music Jam in Chicago on September 17. The video of the incident that has surfaced all over the internet shows Tory Lanez and his entourage walking through a back hallway when August walks by.

The rapper extends his hand but to his surprise, August just looks at him and keeps walking which seemed to hurt Tory’s pride. The latter is seen standing dumbfounded with his arm outstretched for so long until a spectator gives him a dap to end the awkward moment. The video then shows Tory talking to his team and then cuts to Tory charging back toward the direction August was walking.

One spectator who notices the animosity brewing, warns the rapper telling him not to do it and reminding him that he already shot Megan. Later, the video cuts again to what appears to be the aftermath of the situation where Tony is seen celebrating as he walks into a hallway with his team in tow. Now, the matter is being invited by the authorities. Whatever the reason, it is no doubt to say that Tory and Alsina have come to the news. For more updates, follow Social Telecast.

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