Chichi and Rachel got into an enraged battle about who ought to get the paid-for film date.

Chichi, Phyna, and Rachel’s careful relationship appears to have endured significantly because of Rachel’s latest charges that Chichi and Hermes plotted to deny her of the week’s film date.

Chichi and Rachel got into a fierce debate on Friday night after Rachel raised their film date on Wednesday night, where Biggie gave Chichi the exceptional pass they had both paid for.

Rachel said that Hermes and Chichi planned to delude about who really procured the ticket.

On the off chance that you missed it, here is the primary thought: Rachel defies Hermes about the film date while crying.

Since Wednesday’s occurrence, Rachel has held onto what she asserts was Hermes’ conscious counter against her, a charge Hermes won’t disprove.

Rachel is currently riding alone, subsequently Chichi and Phyna have developed close. This is likely in light of the fact that Phyna saved Chichi by utilizing her denial power.

Recall that Phyna eliminated Chichi from the assignment for the week and set Allysyn straight.

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