The Episode starts with Randhawa reviewing the mishap and crying. She recalls the Virk family. Nehmat cries seeing Fateh and Tejo’s pics and films. She says you expressed legitimate, you’ll consistently keep as my energy, I m going to do a piece, which you instructed me, to right the erroneous happening, I really miss you, mum and dad. Aykam will get ready. Rupy requests that Harman return. Harman says I can’t walk, I’ve knee hurt. Rupy says I do be aware. Nehmat comes and says indistinguishable reason gained’t work each and every day.

He asks from the spot are you coming. Nehmat says my article is coming, you learn it, go for Harman for a walk. Rupy says Tejo couldn’t lie and even Nehmat can’t lie. Harman says appropriate. Rupy requests that he return. Mallika says I m coming from morning walk, I had gone with Nehmat. He says she gained’t leave her rest, don’t make me distraught.

She says you’re now frantic. They hear their father and mother contending. Mallika gets some information about it. Aykam says no, I essentially know that one episode adjusted father’s life. Naaz says Nehmat you stirred rapidly, have been you composing an article. Nehmat says sure, become familiar with the staff diary. Naaz requests that she go to for 10 minutes.

Nehmat says I’ll go, you’re taking the notes, it would help. She goes. Naaz says I really do realize she will proceed to meet Aykam. Nehmat meets Aykam. He asks the spot did you go along with Mallika. She says it’s confidential, you’ll truly feel content with me. They hear tunes on radio and contend. She requests that he pay attention to regardless of she wants.

He jokes. A car races. She says I’ll see him. She follows the car and stops him. She will get outraged on the man. The man says I used to be driving appropriate. Aykam stops Nehmat. She chastens the man.

He requests that she proceed to go about her responsibilities. She races to beat him along with her shoe. Aykam gets her and requests that the man withdraw fast. The man leaves. Nehmat inquires as to for what reason did you stop me. Aykam says he would have hit you. She expresses you’re there with me, my constable. He says I m getting training for ASP. She requests that he drop her. He inquires as to for what reason are you so hasty. She says I m such, manage me in the occasion you can. He says I do mind. He does shayari. They leave.

At school, the man sees Nehmat’s article. He says that is wonderful. Nehmat says I clear the general public garbage. She went to Bhatia’s home. He tumbles down inside the garbage. Aisi dhakkad hai… .performs… Nehmati clicks his pic. FB closes. The man says Bhatia is getting terminated, it’s a fantastic information. Nehmat says that is decent data.

Naaz’s mate says you have been going to this teacher Bhatia. Naaz says sure, I didn’t have the foggiest idea, I purchased saved. He says sure, because of Nehmat. She gives them buying coupons. Ronnie comes and welcomes Nehmat and Mallika. He asks are you going inside the party. Nehmat says truth be told. Naaz’s pal says he’s really affluent.

Ronnie requests that Nehmat get her constable. Nehmat says he’s can be ASP, he’ll incorporate me. Ronnie goes. Naaz thinks I furthermore need to go on this festival. She goes to Ronnie. He will get a name and goes. Naaz’s amigo says no utilization, he’ll essentially welcome his posse in his exceptional festival. Naaz says I’ll go inside the festival.

Aykam says I knew it, you each did a certain something, you impacted that teacher. Nehmat says unfortunate teacher. He says illuminate the truth, you presumably did this. She says sure, Bhatia calls ladies abiding for extra courses, Naaz moreover went to him, Mallika and I did this, you should be glad, your methodology and my methodology, its entirely unexpected. He says I m alarmed by your rash lead, odds are you’ll fall in disadvantage. She says I don’t anticipate others to follow through with something. She recalls Fateh’s expressions. She says I would be the indistinguishable, you manage issues. Aykam kisses her.

Shelly says Naaz is cooking right now. Naaz says no, I m essentially serving. She says I’ll go and gives this to Nehmat and Mallika. Satti says Mallika is Nehmat’s most noteworthy mate. Shelly says conceivably Nehmat is her can be Bhabhi, everyone knows about Nehmat and Aykam’s undertaking, but every one of them hold calm. Nehmat says I’ll put on this inside the festival, Aykam gifted it to me. Mallika says no, you’ll be capable to’t placed on the indistinguishable in that frame of mind, on the off chance that your BF gifted it.

They’ve a talk and grunt. Naaz accompanies snacks. She prefers Nehmat’s outfit. She says I’ve matching studs for you, have this. She asks will I furthermore incorporate you to the festival. Nehmat says sorry, Aykam goes with me, but Mallika goes alone, meet up with her. Mallika says sorry, I have previously got an in addition to one. Nehmat asks what, who. Mallika says not many issues can exclusively be told to most prominent mates, sorry Naaz. Mallika takes Nehmat along with her.

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