Hello, all the daily soap lovers, finally your favorite TV drama Udaariyaan is set to make you feel over the top on the 10th of October 2022, the episode is bringing high voltage drama along with such activities that will definitely make you feel overwhelmed. Because now Nehmat has been stuck into trouble as a few goons have kidnapped her so that she could not meet Ekam and the case of Fateh and Tejo’s murder mystery could close. As Adavit does not want to make the case re-open no matter what happens, hence, he decided to kidnap Nehmat.

Udaariyaan Written Update 9th September 2022: Jasmine Reveals Rehmat's Identity

Therefore, he sends the goon to the spot where Nehmat was waiting for Ekam to tell him everything about the decision of Rupi, he does not want him to be the son-in-law of their house. Hence, she makes a call to him multiple times so that, he can come and meet her but due to his busy schedule he does not receive the call. But she tries and after a while when he sees the calls, makes a call to her but till then the goons kidnap her because of which, she does not receive the call as she was rushing to escape from them.

Ekam, thinks that maybe she is upset as he did not receive the call so when he will go back to his home he will meet her for sure, but at the same time, he thinks that maybe she is in trouble otherwise she does not make a call to him whenever he is on his duty. So this is the reason, he also leaves the place and goes to her because it is too late there is no update about her even, and he makes a call to Rupi for asking about her but he also does not pick up the call because of some urgencies.

Meanwhile, Ekam has come to know that something would have happened to her as she has disappeared, therefore, he goes to find her out and initially makes a call to her friends but they rare not with her. On the other hand, Nehmat is continuously asking the goons why they brought her here, and who asked them to kidnap her in a certain manner. But those goons do not reply to her as they also leave the place while tieing her with the ropes. So do not miss streaming the show on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.

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