Hello, all the daily soap lovers, finally your favourite TV drama “Udaariyaan” is ready to make you feel over the top through the 16th September 2022 episode, as finally, Nazz started showing her real side while betraying Rehmat as she is following the instruction of Jasmine. In short, there is no difference between Jasmine and Naaz as the phrase is fit accurate, that blood does not take change and therefore, Naaz has the same tendencies which Jasmine used to have as she wants to steal everything from Naaz no matter what happens hence, she is trying such things.


Therefore, when Rehmat asks Naaz to come with her to the park she agrees because she wanted to execute her first step of the plan, and this is the reason, as soon as she gets the chance she breaks her bicycle, in a certain manner that it could not be repaired at any cost. But the twist arrives when she pretends to be innocent but a person who was passing the way sees her while doing such strange things and observes the further activities too. Therefore, later when Fateh consoles Rehmat and promises to buy the new bicycle that person comes to him, and conveys everything about Naaz.

As soon as Fateh hears his statement, he gets shocked as it is totally unexpected, and at just a very young age how could someone execute such things? Meanwhile, he thinks that maybe the person saw the wrong stuff but somewhere he has doubts about Naaz. Therefore, he decides to keep his eyes on her activities for a while and if something suspicious appears then he will send her back no matter what happens. But Naaz is also very clever like her mother and knows everything about where to execute the plan and how to execute it.

Now, the makers of the show are preparing to show the long leap in the show where both Rehmat and Naaz will take a step into their adulthood, and the story of Tejo and Jasmine’s love story with Fateh will be taken a circle again in such a form that you would not even assume. Because as time passed the tendency of stealing everything from Rehmat has been enhanced in her mind of Naaz and therefore, she is doing all these so that, she could get everything from Rehmat as soon as she can. So do not miss streaming the show on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.

By Brenda Wyang

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