Hello, all the TV drama lovers, finally your favorite daily soap Udaariyaan is set to make you feel over the top again through the 8th September 2022 episode, which you all were impatiently waiting for. As finally, Jasmine has unveiled the identity of Naaz in front of Tejo while leaving the village, as she has handed over her responsibilities to Tejo by saying that now, it is her dirty to provide a great life to her daughter as she is no more near her and will never return in their life. But Tejo is shocked to get something like this as she never ever expected it.

Udaariyaan Written Update 9th September 2022: Jasmine Reveals Rehmat's Identity

After a while, when Tejo comes to her residence with Naaz feels a bit weird because she could not reveal the truth about Jasmine in front of her, as it will impact negatively on her as her mother fled to leave her in such a manner. Therefore, she sends her inside the room and asks everyone to come together, and then unleashes everything that Jasmine left her daughter while leaving the place. Further, she mentions, that Jasmine said that now they need to take care of their daughter, as she handed over her responsibility to them.

Udaariyaan Written Update Episode

Meanwhile, Rupi says that Jasmine is such a human who can not even change no matter what even if she is a mother of a child. In short, Rupi is expressing his rage as she left her daughter which is inappropriate enough and will be affected her negatively. But Tejo makes him understand that it is not the correct time to express their anger because Naaz is here, and before she hears anything they will need to shut their mouth. Everyone agrees with her even Fateh also supports Tejo as she brought Naaz here which is fair enough and they will provide her with everything.

Apart from all these, Jasmine leaves the letter to Rupi and says that whenever he will get the time just reads it as the letter is containing a confidential issue. Therefore, Rupi waits for everyone to be slept and then opens the letter and as soon as he starts reading he gets shocked as he never ever expected that, the truth of Rehmat will come out in a certain manner in front of him. This is the reason, he says why Tejo and Fateh hide the truth and wants to talk to them, so do not miss watching the show on Colors TV for more details stay tuned with us.

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