The entire, LGBTQ community of Philadelphia is mourning the unfortunate passing of a beloved young performer or better-called drag queen “Valencia Prime” who is no longer among her close ones and admirers as her departure took place at the age of 25, during her performance. As she collapsed on the stage in such a terrifying manner than almost everyone got shocked, as she did not show even a single movement. As soon as the new is getting surfaced on social networking sites, uncounted reactions commenced hitting the headlines. Bellow, you could get everything you need to know along with some unknown facts.

Valencia Prime Philadelphia Drag Queen

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the exact cause behind the unfortunate death of drag queen “Valencia Prime” is still remaining ascertained as no statement of reactions is made by her close ones. But a few anonymous reports are claiming, that maybe the cardiac arrest/heart attack could be the reason behind of collapse. Because spontaneously she fainted and stopped breathing even no body movement was being done by her on the stage. Therefore, the event management team reached out to her and rescued them while sending him to the nearest medical centre for treatment.

Valencia Prime Death Cause?

Reportedly, at the age of 25 Valencia Prime a popular drag queen who later dubbed herself “Philadelphia’s Plus Size Dancing Diva” breathed last on Monday night during an event at Tabu. As soon as the management team brought her to the hospital she lost her life, as the doctor’s also pronounced her dead and asked them to take her back as they should organize the funeral. But till now, no statement regarding her funeral ceremony came out as her family did not come to the fore yet. Therefore as long as something comes we could not claim anything in a certain manner.

Apart from all these, a short clip of the unfortunate incident is also recorded by the cameras which were placed inside the bar but due to darkness, nothing is clearly appearing and therefore, the clip did not come out rapidly. Recently, her family created the GoFundMe page and currently, around $10,000 have been collected by the family for a funeral ceremony. Her friends and bar colleagues are paying tribute to her while expressing their deep feelings toward her at the time of sending deep condolence to the family. So we will also pray may her soul rest in peace in heaven (RIP Valencia Prime)

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