Here’s Why RHOBH Fans Think Lisa Rinna Was With Erika Jayne During Garcelle’s Book Toss, See Pics

In April of 2022, Erika Jayne shared a video of Garcelle Beauvais’ book in the trash. To many fans, the act was worse than her alleged misconduct, and many viewers called for her firing from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The book toss was posted on Instagram after Garcelle seemed to use Erika’s “bad” name to promote her own book sales. Erika also claimed Garcelle was trashing many costars in the book, including her friend Lisa Rinna.

Recently, a Redditor discovered clues that suggest Erika was at Lisa’s house as she posted the infamous video.

The fan, u/themortgagegirl, uploaded a screenshot of Lisa’s backyard patio, taken from an Instagram story with husband, Harry Hamlin.

Image credit: @lisarinna/Instagram via u/themortgagegirl/Reddit

The user pointed out that Lisa’s wooden floor is similar to the one in Erika’s video. Additionally, the color of the wall shares a resemblance.

“Looks like Rinna did help Erika with throwing Garcelle’s book in the trash. The background in Erika’s video matches Rinna’s house,” wrote the internet sleuth.

Then, the fan posted screenshots of Erika’s video, drawing attention to the wall and floor. Fans praised the user for their detective work, as one commenter expressed, “OMG this is CIA level research.”

Image credit: @theprettymess/Instagram via u/themortgagegirl/Reddit

Image credit: @theprettymess/Instagram via u/themortgagegirl/Reddit

Image credit: @lisarinna/Instagram via u/themortgagegirl/Reddit

As of yet, Lisa and Erika have neither confirmed nor denied the claim, though the evidence suggests they were together. The costars, who are in a strong alliance, were perhaps making a countermove after Garcelle’s diss.

Will we ever know the truth? Or will the answers remain buried in the hills of Los Angeles County?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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