Precise 100 broadcasted the preliminary two episodes of its sequence on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 3:00 am ET (the USA). The present is the principal Korean endurance sequence to air on Netflix and embrace 100 candidates who contended with each other to be the final particular person remaining to win the sequence and be delegated the boss. The sequence is drawn to check candidates to their traces in a sum of 10 episodes.

Season 1 of Precise 100 was reported throughout Netflix’s 2022 TUDUM Korea Truthful. The candidates had a spot with the cream classifications of Korea and included Olympic gymnasts, grapplers, rivals in addition to well-known wellness mentors, YouTubers, artists, and tv characters, amongst a number of others. Whereas the group was acquainted with them within the season debut, it was the financial reward that severely affected them and roused them to do their very best with it.

Coordinated by Jang Ho-gi, the Korean actuality sequence highlights 100 candidates contending impartial of their orientation, age and race. The one remaining till the tip would get a financial reward of 300 million KRW.

Proceed to peruse to determine what unfolded within the preliminary two episodes.

Truthful warning: This text incorporates spoilers from the 2 delivered episodes of Precise 100.

The debut episode of Precise 100 on Netflix began with the presentation of the 100 contenders.

They wanted to enter a room and stand earlier than their very own platform with a concrete manufactured from design of their bust placed on prime. The contenders included quite a few well-known and perceived superstars/stars from the Korean landmass. A few of them even knew each other or had seen particular person solid people play in Olympic video games, YouTube, digital leisure and quite a few completely different levels.

After a brief presentation, they wanted to put on their garbs that had been held underneath the platform, become them and put together for the opposition. Every of the 100 candidates collected into the sector and had been acquainted with the configuration. They wanted to partake in 5 journeys all through the span of the time and the victor would carry again dwelling a wonderful measure of 300 million KRW, a declaration that left the solid in shock but persuaded and ready to do their very best with it.

In entrance of the first mission, the Precise 100 rivals wanted to participate in a check to conclude the victor who would possibly get an distinctive honor to make due within the opposition. The solid was separated into two gatherings and wanted to dangle from the design nevertheless lengthy they might previous to falling into the water beneath. The challenger who discovered find out how to stay hanging for the longest would win.

From the principal bunch, ex-UDT educator Kim Kyeong Baek gained the check and from the second, it was Bukhasan Distinctive Mountain Salvage and public ice-hockey half Kim Min Cheol. The final choice was delegated the champ of the check as remained the longest on the design.

For his or her most memorable mission, the Precise 100 candidates wanted to participate in a check known as “one-on-one Passing Match.” They wanted to select their separate rivals and would take an curiosity in a hoop for 3 minutes. Every pair can be given a ball and the one who would possibly assure the ball towards the end of so far as doable would win.

The preliminary 50 victors of the previous check had been supplied the prospect to select their ring in addition to their adversary. For the one-on-one Demise Match, the matches wanted to try to ensure the ball in lower than 3 minutes by battling one another in one of many two rings. On the off likelihood that towards the end of so far as doable, neither can assure the ball, the time shall be reached out by another second.

The one who neglects to ensure it could subsequently want to interrupt their concrete bust and bid goodbye to the opposition in addition to the financial reward. Have a look at which candidates returned dwelling after the second episode of Precise 100.

Precise 100 has broadcasted two of 10 episodes have been very fascinating and emotional. Because the Korean actuality scene is phenomenal, this sequence seems to be a unprecedented enlargement to the rundown because it vows to maintain watchers snared as late as doable into each episode.

Precise 100 will air the next two episodes subsequent Thursday, January 31, 2023 on Netflix.

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