What is the Hardest Riddle in the World: Riddles are the brain teasers that help us to keep our minds active. Along with a healthy lifestyle, having an active mind is as essential as having a healthy body. As the saying goes, a sound body in a sound mind, and improving memory and brain function are always necessary.


What is the Hardest Riddle in the World
What is the Hardest Riddle in the World


What better way is there than solving riddles?  Riddles are brain teasers using language/ numbers that use logical and lateral thinking to bring out the answer. Riddles range from easy to hard ones that require lots of logical reasoning, patience, and also common sense. They are not challenging but also fun, giving enough exercise to the brain to keep them active, leisure work, and can also be played with friends and family in get-togethers. 


Riddles are questions, phrases, or statements, with hidden meanings that are put forth before people as puzzles, serving as a fun way of challenging one’s mind and intellect. Enigmas and conundrums are primarily the two forms of riddles. Some riddles require a lot of lateral thinking while few require an understanding of the question and applying logic used there. Here in this article, we will have a look at the 15 best riddles in the world with the answer. 

What is the Hardest Riddle in the World With Answer 2022


1. A person staying in some part of the world, leaves his campsite and hiked south for three km and then turns east, continuing hiking for three km. After that, I turned north and hiked for three km, and at that time came upon a bear inside his tent eating his food! Now tell me what was the colour of the bear?

Answer: White


Because only on the North Pole on the Earth, where if the above path is followed the person will come to the starting point of his journey and in the North Pole we get to see a bear that is white in colour (Polar Bear).  


2) Where can we find a hammer and an anvil that are too small to be used by human hands? 

Answer: the human ear

Human Ear consists of parts called Hammer and Anvil. This riddle may require some knowledge of human body parts. 


3) A man shoots his wife, later holds her underwater for a couple of minutes, and eventually hangs her. But later in the evening, they both enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How is this possible?

Answer: The man is a photographer. 

The man took his wife’s picture with his camera, and later developed the photo were immersing the photos in a chemical cloud is required and later hanging them to dry. 



4) I am a city whose name could be formed using 3 animals. Three out of seven chicken, two out of three of cat, and two out of four of goat. What is my name?

Answer: Chicago

Chicago is a city whose name can be formed using the above-mentioned animal names. Three out of 7 of Chicken is “CHI”, 2 out of 3 of cat is “CA”, 2 out of 4 of the goat is ” GO” which together forms CHICAGO


5) Take away the whole from me, and some remains. Who am I?

Answer: Wholesome From the word wholesome if the word whole is removed only some remains. 

6) It has no body but comes to life with wind, has no mouth and ears, yet speaks and listens. What is it? 

Answer: Echo

Echo has no mouth or ears but still whatever one speaks is reflected back by the presence of wind. 



7) What comes in the middle of April and March but not in the beginning or end of either month?

Answer: Letter R

The letter R appears in the middle of the spelling of April and March but not in the beginning and end


8) Who am I? My first two letters mean male, the first three letters mean female, the first four letters mean great man, while the entire me (word) means a great woman. 

Answer: Heroine

The 1st two letters of Heroine is ‘HE’ which is used to signify man, the first 3 letters ‘HER’ signifies female, 1st four letters ‘HERO’ a great man. 


9)I disappear as soon as someone says my name? 

Answer: Silence

Silence in a place is broken if we utter the sirf silence


10)Three different doctors say that Mr. Alex is their brother but Mr. Alex claims he has no brothers and both are telling the truth. How is that possible?

Answer: They are his sisters. 

The three doctors are Mr. Alex’s sisters, so he says he has no brothers as he has only sisters. 


What is the Most Difficult Riddle in the World

  1. If you turn me on my side, then I am everything, but if you cut me in half then I am nothing. Who am I?

    Answer: The number 8, If 8 is turned sideways it looks like infinity which is everything, while if 8 is cut in half we get 0, which is nothing

  2. How is 8+8=4?

    Answer: In the clock, Suppose the time is 8 a.m. then post 8 hours, the time reads 4 p.m.

  3. Which tire doesn’t move when a car turns right?

    Answer: Spare tire, The extra tire in the car that is used in case of need, sits at the back of the car but does not move when the car moves.

  4. I travel around the world just by staying in one corner. Who am I?

    Answer: Stamp, For posting any letter, a stamp is required. It is pasted at a corner and travels around the world along which the stamp also travels.

  5. In a 10 m wide, 5m tall empty box, roughly how many bills can be put so that it will no longer be empty?

    Answer: One, One bill is sufficient to put one bill inside the box to make it non-empty.

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