Recently the news has come on the internet that a reality star and an s*x addict named Belinda Love Rygier slept with 700 guys but currently she is on her way to recovery. In the interview in Australia, Belinda, who seemed on 2017’s “The Bachelor Australia disclosed that she is eight years into her recovery and she was celibate for 15 months. Since the news has come on the internet. It went viral on social networking sites. Lots of people are shocked by this news and they want to know whole information about the news. Here we have more information about the news, so please read the complete article for the information.

Belinda Rygier  Slept with 700 Men

According to the report, the reformed s*x addict disclosed that her wild lifestyle finished concerning her friendships because she ditched them multiple times so she engage in casual s*x. Belinda communicated that from lounges to supermarkets, she would hook up with unknown persons anywhere possible. Speaking of how she hit rock bottom, the love coach said that her out-of-control habit came to a head when these guys became offensive but were later informed that she could not press charges because she had rushed the guy while defending herself.

Recalling her abusive connection, Belinda informed ” when he pressed me down the stairs and shut me in the garage, I had a black eye and they thought my hand was broken,” The 38-year-old said ” It was the lovely bed. I had gone to work and they sent me a house. The police arrived there and they stated as he had a gash on his arm from my ring after I attempted to get him off me, we could both go to prison for domestic violence. Intending the fight against her s*x habit, the television star, and s*x educator then began counseling and self-development work well to comprehend the psychology behind her obsessive manners.

“That was my turning point. I thought,” I need to help myself. That’s where the journey started, and it was a very fast change. Once you decide to change it occurs very fast said, Belinda. Talking of her addiction, Belinda revealed that s*x was always at the top of her mind” even when she was at the supermarket. Shedding light on the same, she said,” I would be grocery shopping and would think to myself. Here we have shared all the information which we had. follow social telecasts for more updates.


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